My Birthday

Today was my birthday. I’m 16 now. I get my driver’s license Thursday, and I have Thursday off from school (parent confrences), so I’ll mainly be celebrating then. But I do have a car to drive, which I took to Maaco today to be refinished. It’s a 1982 Chrysler LeBaron convertible, white exterior, maroon interior. Only about 5000 of these cars were made. So that’s my main birthday present (the car and the paint job), but I also got some other presents today, including a check from my grandma and 3 books: The Meaning of Star Trek, Star Trek: Adventures in Time and Space, and Cliff Notes Quick Study Guide for Geometry,which I received due to a recent report card. :o
Also, Thursday night, I’ll be going to a fancy restaurant across the causeway (Sanibel Harbor), which will be nice.

So what was your 16th birthday like?

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Who remembers? Dinosaur were on the earth when I was 16.

Happy birthday, and many more, SanibelMan

This space for rent.

Well, Sanibel, now that you got wheels, you’s a MAN. Driiiiivvvveee on to many more!

Happy Birthday, Señor Sanibel. Have a beer. Uh, better make that a root beer. Anyway, good luck getting your licence. (Does your horn work? I couldn’t get my licence until I got my horn fixed.)

P.S. Nobody ask about my sixteenth birthday.

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler

Happy birthday Sanibel! Still gonna give me a ride in that convertible?? < grin >

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Oh, gladly, Falcon. Anytime.

Neuro - so what was your 16th birthday like? :wink:

Happy Birthday! Mine was a lot of fun! I got a beautiful silk dress and had a great party. My first car was a 1965 Buick Special that I bought for 200.00 with my birthday money. I drove it for exactly seven years and then gave it away.


Happy Birthday!

I remember my Italian-born History teacher asking me if I was sweet sixteen and never been kissed. >eg<


16th? I barely remember last year’s birthday!

Happy birthday, Sanibel! I had no idea you were only 16!

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Sanibel!! I forgot you! I’m so sorry!
Happy Belated Birthday!
(I had an eventful day yesterday- I’m so sorry I forgot you…)

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Happy Birthday!!!

My 16th birthday…man I definitely can’t remember that one…so its must have been good LOL

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