My Boneheaded Move De Jour

As I was getting prepared for my vacation today, I decided to go up and empty the mailbox since I’m going to be gone for a week, and I haven’t picked up the mail for at least 2 weeks. I pay all my bills online, and really only get junk mail and catalogs, so I don’t have an urgent need to get the mail everyday. I sort through everything and toss the junk, take the bills, other stuff that looks like it might be important but is probably junk, and catalogs back the the apartment for future shredding/bathroom reading. I noticed that I finally got my rebate check from Office Depot for my laptop. Yay!

I got back to the apartment, did some packing, checked my email, sorted through the stack of mail, and cleaned up a little. Around 2:00, I decided to head out, so I put my stuff in the car, grabbed the trash, and got going. First stop…compactor to throw out trash. The maintenance guy was there putting up a shiny new sign about what you can and cannot toss, which everyone is going to ignore anyway. I looked in there when I tossed my bag, and there was a dining room chair inside. :rolleyes: Second stop…gas for the trip. I didn’t need gas right away, so I decided to see if there was a less expensive option a little ways up the road. Around 2:15, I stopped for gas, and as I was filling up, I remembered that I needed to go to the bank and cash that check.

Realization: I didn’t have the check with me.

Nagging feeling: I might have thrown it away when I sorted the mail.

Dilemma: Go back and check, or forge ahead because these nagging feelings are always wrong. Like leaving the stove or the iron on.

Decision: Go back home and make sure.

So I turn around and go back. I was only 15 minutes into the trip and so I’ll be a little later than I anticipated. I’m on vacation, I don’t have to adhere to anybody’s schedule dammit. So I get back home, run in and check the sorted mail pile to be shredded later. Not there. OK, maybe I put that stack of stuff to be thrown out on the table instead of the trash can. Nuh uh. Cold realization that I did in fact throw away a $200 check hit me like a ton of bricks.

I ran back out the the car (BTW, I’m not sure if I locked the door, but the petsitter will take care of it if I didn’t), and rushed back up to the compactor. Joy of joys, the maintenance man is still there. I was very embarrassed, but told him that I thought I might have thrown out something important. He very sweetly walked over to the compactor, climbed in, and fished out my bag o’ garbage. I opened it up and yep, right there on top, was the check.

Whew! :stuck_out_tongue:

So my trip started about 40 minutes later than intended, but I got here safely and without further incident. Anybody else do something dumb today? Don’t leave me hanging here in Stoopidville all alone. Help me feel like not such a big idiot. :smiley:

I worked 19 hours on Monday and then on Tuesday I got reamed by my boss for not giving him timely status reports.

Not quite the same, but I didn’t feel particularly intelligent about it.

Well, if it makes you feel any better… which of the following SQL commands was the one I was supposed to run on the database, and which was the one I actually ran?

DELETE FROM crr_forecasts


DELETE FROM crr_forecasts WHERE eff_date>='10/1/2007'

Hint: we only wanted to get rid of this months forecasts to make room for revised ones. :smack:

I’m still rebuilding 'em… 'bout halfway through June now.

June 2006.


(For the technically-minded: yes, we have backups, but TPTB have decided it’s easier to have me do it by hand. I’m not sure why. But, my bad, so… sigh)

Aw, don’t be too hard on yourself, Hockey Monkey: at least you got the check back!

I got home from work tonight to find a note on my front door that my water is going to be turned off for a while tomorrow because there’s a leak somewhere, so now I have to sit around until it’s a reasonable hour tomorrow morning that I can go next door and find out if it’s leaking from my unit or what.