Sometimes I think I'm too airheaded to live.

I lost my credit card. I mean, I didn’t lose it, lose it, it’s in my house…I mean, I think it’s in my house, but…oh, crap. Here’s what happened.

I was packing last night. I have to catch a plane at an obscenely early hour Saturday morning, and I don’t do last minute packing. So, I was making hotel reservations online, packing, talking to my sister to make sure she’ll be by to pick up the dog and feed & water the cat, and I think I set my credit card down on the computer table in front of my monitor, except…it wasn’t there when I came back downstairs from grabbing my toiletries. Both kids swear innocence. I tore the entire place apart. I tore my purse apart and went through every scrap of paper twice. I took everything out of my suitcase, looked through it, put it back in. I checked the pockets of my jeans. I looked on and under the stairs. It’s. Gone. GAAAAAAAAH!!!

Okay, it’s fine. This is just the backup credit card, the one I next to never use, and I can use the default one when I get there. And on the bright side, I won’t be able to spend like crazy. It’s just…I was planning on using it, dammit. That’s why it was completely paid off. I wanted that little bit extra for this trip. DAMMIT. sigh

Knowing me, I knocked it into the one spot in my couch that I cannot see, and it’s wedged there, laughing at me. I hate it when I do this crap. It makes me wonder how I made it this far in life.

Anyway, I cancelled the card. They’re going to rush one out to me, but even so it won’t get here til next Wednesday… sigh

Of course that’s where it is. So why, if I may ask, didn’t you look there? or have one of the kids crawl in and look for you?

I did. I got my son to lift the couch and i got under there with a flashlight. I felt around in the one spot on each side I couldn’t see, and couldn’t feel it there, either.

See, I can’t remember if I actually brought the card out in order to make the reservation or not, because I have the numbers of my cc’s memorized. (No, I’m not that much of a compulsive shopper, I just have this thing about memorizing numbers) Anyway, I can’t remember if I actually took it out and laid it on the computer table or not. I think I did. Pretty sure I did. Still…it’s nowhere to be found.

Good for you. Canceling the card was the best thing you could do. Some cards limit your liability to only fifty dollars, hope you prevented that also.

Found it!

Mmhm. And what were you doing in my drawers, young man?

Jake, it hurt to do it, but I know there are probably a lot of people who rack up huge charges by saying to themselves “I know I have it…I won’t cancel it just yet…” And no, fortunately there aren’t any liability charges. One of the reasons I really like CitiBank. They’re very no-nonsense when it comes to lost and stolen cards. I’ve actually managed to hang onto this one for two years without losing it, so it won’t cost me anything to reissue.

You mean…you couldn’t tell? :frowning:

Don’t get me so drunk next time.

Don’t be so hard on yourself…based on what I see on bad reality TV these days, there is pretty much no level of airheadedness that will actually kill you. And you couldn’t possibly equal those levels, anyway. :slight_smile:


Hows this for bad…I constantly misplace stuff…but not usually so bad I can find it…but once in a great while I cant find it…and I will actually start having something along the lines of a panic attack because of it, even when its loss, temporary or otherwise is no big deal.

I also sometimes have those panic like attacks, when I am trying to do something and it just aint working…the odd thing there is those attacks usually happen when I am having mild trouble doing something that should be easy peasy…I never have em when I am trying to do something that you expect to be hard…I think these attacks are the mental equivalent of what you see monkeys and chimps do when the get flustered…
But here is the best one for you…One morning I am driving to work…and that job was pretty stressful…all of a sudden I am in near panic for about thirty seconds…WHERE ARE MY KEYS? IVE LOST MY KEYS! OMG!

Then I realized where they were…cough

take care


I worked for emergency services for a credit card company once. If people whined enough we overnighted the card to them - or even messengered it to them in dire cases. Why don’t you call and whine about needing a replacement for the trip. They might send it.

I’m embarrassed to admit that i’ve done this precise thing myself, Bill. Because i always keep my keys in my left pocket, and if they’re not there, where else could they possibly be??!! I had actually made a u-turn heading back to my prior location before the jingling alerted me to their location. :o

Was a great idea. Thank you. I whined and bitched and moaned and got transferred to a supervisor and even offered to pay for FedEx. No luck. Bastages.

That wasn’t intended as sarcastic, BTW. It was a great idea. They just weren’t going for it.

Frequently they will send a card to a bank location at your destination, where you can go and pick it up. Particularly if you point out that you want to rack up a lot of vacation spending on it. Call them back and ask.


It’s in your freezer Maureen. Or someone’s. Your thread got all mixed up with the refrigerator constants of doom thread and your credit card wound up in there.

Of course, that means somone’s going to have an awfully big surprise when they bite into their hot pocket.

I can beat that one easily.

Went on my lunch break from work. Drove over to Burger King. Drive back into the employee lot and Holy Crap! :eek: My car is gone. Then I noticed what exactly it was that I was sitting in. :smack:

Oh yeah?

Have you ever driven home and walked up the front door but can’t make the key fit and then your ex comes to the door and wonders what the HOLY FUCK you’re doing because you haven’t lived there for FOUR YEARS!?

Uh huh.


Thought you really had me now, didn’t ya?

Uh huh


I know where it is, Mo. In your floppy disk drive. (At least that’s where the Terror put mine. Found it over a year later cause who uses floppy disks?)

I have recently discovered YouTube. YES, there is a level of airheadedness that will kill you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not Maureen tho.