For a little while there, I was *freaking out*!

Every other Monday, I go to the bank locally and draw out $500.00 in cash. That’s my grocery money, entertainment money, etc. I don’t pay bills out of it, is what I mean (well, usually a couple of minor ones, like if I have to go to the doc I’ll do the co-pay). This morning, though, I had to draw out $1,000.00 because a guy’s coming by later that we owe $500.00 to.

Even though the bank is right around the corner, I drove there because I was on my way from somewhere else, and it’s raining. So it seemed silly to drive past the bank, park in my driveway, and walk back to the bank.

So I go in and make the withdrawal, and the teller asks me if I’d like an envelope for that. She didn’t give it to me all in $100.00 bills, so it was quite a wad of cash, and I said yes, an envelope would be much appreciated, thank you.

I was only walking from the bank to my car, a very short distance. So I put the cash in the envelope while I was still in the bank, and tucked the envelope into the pocket of my London Fog (I told you it was raining! Plus I got a deal on the coat-perfect condition, just the right size, $4.00 at the local thrift store!)

“Home” is less than a one minute drive from the bank. Literally right around the corner. I get out of the car, reach into my coat pocket for the envelope. . .and it wasn’t there.

Now, I’m approaching 50, and I am menopausal, so sometimes my brain does this thing where it, what do you call it? Oh yeah. Doesn’t work. So I check my handbag to see if maybe I put it in there, in spite of having made a conscious decision to put it in my coat pocket. Nope, not in my bag (on the upside, I did find my missing cell phone charger. . .)

Now, I don’t know about you, but crap accumulates in my coat pockets, especially when they’re nice deep pockets like the ones in my London Fog. So I emptied my pockets. I found: my sunglasses; several packets of Splenda, a couple of loose one-dollar bills, a whole bunch of change, and some random scraps of paper. No bank envelope.

I walked back down to the bank on the off-chance that it was either lying by my parking space, or that someone had picked up the envelope, noticed the bank’s logo on it and turned it in.


I tried all the mind tricks: “OK, breathe deep; this isn’t the end of the world. Whoever found it probably needs the money more than us anyway; I can take the $1,000.00 out of my business account, and just delay making the mortgage payment by a few days”, etc.

But if I told you I was not freaking out, I’d be lying. I mean, I’m insanely grateful that we’re at a point in our lives where losing that much money would not put us on the street or anything. But it still ain’t pocket change, y’know? I mean, we’re not rich.

The second time I checked the car, I found it. The envelope had apparently slid out of my pocket and had wound up between the car seat and console between the two front seats!

Whew! That was bad. I can’t tell you how happy I am I found it! (Which is probably why I’m sharing here!)

:eek: I have had such moments. They are always scary. Glad it worked out.

Oh, I have been there. Usually it involves car keys, but often money, too, and it’s not pleasant. Glad you found it!

I guess we don’t have to call you Uncle Billy from now on, then. :wink:

your title is a spoiler! :stuck_out_tongue: glad it was a false alarm.

Mr Happy, what you just did, there, we call “threadshitting.” If you have nothing but crap to add, please refrain from posting.

Do not do this again.

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I haven’t had that kind of moment with that much money, but I had one about two years ago.

Driving down the PA turnpike with just my license and five bucks cash, no wallet (long story) with a friend. Gave him the toll ticket when we entered, expected to pay 4.50 when we left. Got to our exit, and he can’t figure out what he did with the ticket. Of course it’s something ridiculous like $25 for a lost ticket.

I swear we took the car apart for a literal half-hour and I still don’t remember where we found the damn thing.

This is why I bought an EZ-Pass. :smiley:

um what?
I think I missed something

I’m guessing the post was subsequently deleted?

That’s what I’m thinking. I didn’t even see the post. Hmmm. I lost a grand, but I found it again, now my thread has lost a post. . .nah, don’t wanna go looking for it. :wink:

I lost $40 once, and I was sure it must have dropped out of my pocket when I pulled some cash out while walking down the halls in the office. I posted a note on our e-bulletin board, but got no response. In the grand scheme of things, $40 isn’t a big deal, but it sickened me to think a coworker would pocket my money, knowing it was mine.

The next day, my husband commented about the $40 he found in our driveway. It was a relief, but it sure took me some time to get over the resentment towards my coworkers.


Yeah, stupid. What can I say… Although I am now more careful with my cash. Guess it’s a good thing I mostly use the debit card.

I’m glad your husband found your money!

The funny thing about you using a debit card (mostly) is that I take cash out of the bank every two weeks so I don’t use the debit card! I have two different debit cards (different banks, different accounts), and they are very useful for things like ordering stuff online, or booking hotel rooms (we don’t have a major credit card), but I don’t like using them for everyday purchases; it’s too easy for me to lose track of how much I’m spending, too easy to not think of it as “real money”.

I hate that little slit between the seat and the parking brake. I once had office money slip into there, that I was going to the bank to deposit. What a heart attack I had that day.

Glad you found your money.

I’m so glad you found your cash!

Back in the 90’s, my boyfriend had purchased a cashier’s check for $42,587.00 to purchase his new car. He brought it home, set it on the counter; and then couldn’t find it! We looked everywhere, but the check was MIA. Later that day he went to start a fire in the woodstove, and as he was crumpling up paper to use as a starter for the kindling, realized he had just crumpled up The Cashier’s Check. That would have been a Vera Expensive fire, indeed.

Damn. Well, that makes a missing grand look like pocket change, doesn’t it?? :eek:

I hate that spot, too! And you know, this particular car is so intuitive in so many ways (auto windshield wipers that adjust depending on how hard it’s raining, auto headlights, on and on and on), you’d think someone would realize that the little space there is just a disaster waiting to happen, and would do something about it. . .

I told my hubby about the misplaced money this morning. I told him I was afraid he’d divorce me if I hadn’t found it. He said “Nah, divorce is too expensive; I might’ve considered killing you, though. . .”:wink:

That slit has gobbled up my iPhone too many times. It slides out of my pocket and then I have to spend time searching around the house for it and trying to call it and hoping it’s not on vibrate. Four times out of five, it’s in that spot. Let’s bring back the bench seat.

It fell down in between the couch cushions.

Funny, I look at it the other way around. It’s too easy for me to spend cash frivolously. I prefer to use my debit card for everything, therefore, there’s a record of my spending.

I once lost a scholarship check for $1000. It was a very tense couple of hours tearing the house apart before my grandma and I found it.

It’s probably on the side of the road somewhere. Maybe in a ditch.

You didn’t see my tacos by chance, did you?

I lost my Visa check card the other day. Took cash out from the machine, didn’t want a receipt, and I remember putting the cash in my purse…usually I wrap it around the card…and then two seconds later pulling out one of the twenties to have ready to give to my son. I walk out to the car, drive fifty feet to the gas pumps, and reach in my wallet to give my son the card to use to get gas…and it’s not there. Search the whole purse…nothing. Son walks back to the grocery store, doesn’t find the card on the ground. So I assumed I left it in the machine and the machine sucked it back in. I call the bank service line, and they can’t tell me if the machine retained the card or not (you’d think, in this day and age…sigh). She says I can go into the branch the next day and they will open the machine and give me my card back…or I can cancel it. I decided, better safe than sorry, and cancel it. I check online, and it hasn’t been used by anyone else. I call the branch the next day, they open the machine…no card. So I made the right bet in canceling, but now I have to wait a week to get a new one.

I was tired that night, but I didn’t think I was that tired that I would drop the card somewhere…and the space between the seat and the gearshift was the first place I looked in the morning!