My Boyfriend's an Idiot-He went to Jerod's!

I’m pretty sure that was a Queen of Wands comic.

I’d never shop at a jewelry store that sounds like it was named after some frat boy.

Their ads keep that promise a reality.

“It can only be ovary-crushing-soprano-scream Jared’s…!

I don’t have a link to share and I can’t say with authority what they are doing to the choir’s private parts, but that sure isn’t orgasm… :eek:

I’m sure it’s been done more than once. The one I saw was animated, and I’m maybe 85% on it coming from Family Guy.

BTW, do you know where in the Queen of Wands archives it is? I’m curious to see it.

And as a result of this parody - yes, from Family Guy - I occasionally follow up the “Every kiss begins with Kay!” tagline with “And every blowjob begins with B, so what?”

If that’s the case, I agree. Herod’s ethics are questionable and I don’t think “jewery” make for a good present.

I don’t want to be a jerk about this, but Africa is not a giant war zone. While there are some nasty areas and plenty of instability, the vast majority of this hugely diverse continent is at peace and 99% of Africans are just working and trying to feed their families the same as you or I. Blood diamonds suck, but let’s not stereotype a huge continent. There is a lot more to the place than you see on TV.

That’s what I came here to post

I was just thinking the same thing as I read. The only news any African country gets is sensational.

I had no idea Jared’s was a large chain. I thought they were a regional place with a lot of expansion and a terrible ad campaign. Weird thing is, given the economy, they’re always packed. The really weird part is that 2 local and longtime jewelry places recently went of business.

For me, I’d prefer to find a local place with some truly custom jewelry you wouldn’t find anywhere else and buy that for my love (if I had love). I always picture jewelry buying as intimate in a way that a chain store can’t provide. Reading this thread I see other guys fall for the chain’s sad marketing.

I agree with Sparky! My hubby has gotten me a couple of rings from local jewlers that I love to bits, and my wedding band and engagment rings came from a local place that’s no longer in business. I prefer colored stones to diamonds, and think that most CZ’s are a lot prettier than the real thing.

Well, I’m not suggesting blowing $30,000 on a gigantic rock. For instance, my wife’s iPhone was a bargain at $200!

Rogers should run romantic ads about iPhones. Worked for me.

And every piss begins with pee.

And kosher begins with Kay!

The Jared ad that gets me is the one where the guy is taking his date to a swanky restaurant and giving her jewelry, and she’s giving a blow-by-blow (heh! maybe that comes later…) account of the whole thing via text message to her girlfriends.

That’s either incredibly rude or incredibly 8th grade or both.

That ad always gripes me too. Assuming I would ever be stupid enough to buy someone something from Jared’s, if she spent the entire date texting her friends the gift would have stayed in my pocket as I was telling her that it’s been nice knowing her, but I prefer someone I’m having dinner with to spend her time with me, not on her phone.

Not true! There’s the smooch. There’s sucking face. There’s mackin’. There’s the peck on the cheek.

I keep reminding my girlfriend of that, but does she invite Kay over to share in our makeout sessions? Hell no!

Cool, I’m not the only one that thought **ralph **was coming out.

Not to mention that diamonds are very over-rated as far a “rare” gems go. They’re part of one of the biggest marketing scams even greater than that of Corona beer.

Which is why I’ve always wanted to open a jewelry store named Blofeld.


I think this is the issue at hand: