My Boyfriend's an Idiot-He went to Jerod's!

I find this jewery store’s ads stupid-a woman is insanely happy because her BF blew a month’s salary on a chunk of carbon. I wonder if Jerod’s would ever showthe boyfriend-bitching about what a dope he was…when he tries to resell the rock.

Also, according to Kay Jewelers, even Christmas tree ornaments need to buy bling for their Christmas tree ornament spouses. I found that considerably disturbing. Dude, she’s made of gingerbread… a nice dollop of frosting on each ear should about do the trick…

If anyone buys me something from that store, I’ll consider them an idiot!

Not likely since I’m anti-diamonds and anti-that type of marketing.

I hate their commercials as much as the ones for Kay Jewelers. Ugh!

Wow, misleading title. Before opening the thread, I thought ralph got a boyfriend. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find your spelling of jewelry objectionable. :dubious:

Not all their stuff is expensive. I bought my wife a nice diamond toe ring from there. No complaints.

I doubt it was intentional. ralph has a very long history of typos.

I’ve got nothing against getting jewelry as a present, but it’s just that there are usually much better and more practical things that I need and want. What really sickens me about all the advertising is the concept that “$$$ spent = how much he loves you”. Sparkly presents do not equal love!

No, but expensive diamonds DO make great focusing crystals for the mind control rays.

Of course not! How many people were machine-gunned down in Africa in order to get that diamond is what really proves how much he loves you.

(yes, I know the UN and US government have both taken steps to try and weed out blood diamonds from being imported but it’s naive to think some aren’t still getting through. Africa is a giant fucking warzone and they got the shinies in bucketloads)

Not every present can or should be practical. You’d never get anything fun.

Ok, good point. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be extravagantly expensive.

That’s right, money!=love.

Food equals love. Easy mistake to make.

For example, I think the jewelry store in the thread title is actually “Jared.”

No no, now you’re changing everything in his post. He clearly meant Herod’s jewery store.

Don’t forget: every kiss begins with Kay!

That’s another company which is on my permanent shit-list, mainly because of their insipid commercials chock full of cooing airheads who go gaga each time they hear that name.

I went to a non-chain jewelry store, and ordered some white gold-mounted birthstone earrings for my wife for around $50 (on sale). She loved them, and was authentically surprised and touched - even more so when she discovered that I’d thought to order them about a month before her birthday (in order to get the white gold mounts).

Over the years, I bought her a few pieces of diamond jewelry from places like Kay. Almost always in the $200 range, with the exceptions of her engagement ring and band. I’ve always picked everything out myself, and she’s not only pleased with the gift, but happy that her husband has good taste. It’s hardly oodles of cash for me to spend for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas - and it’s always genuinely appreciated. I don’t have any problem with these stores.

Anyone who’s up in arms over this sort of thing, needs to stop counting other people’s money. If it’s in your own relationship, hopefully by the time either party is considering a gift of jewelry, you’ve made your opinion known. That’s cool. I know a girl who wears lots of hippy-esque turquoise and jade real and faux - obviously diamonds wouldn’t be her best friend.

It’s not kosher!

I can no longer see any diamond ad without thinking of the (possibly from Family Guy) parody where the guy silhouette gives the girl silhouette a diamond, and then she slowly sinks down and out of the frame. It then cuts to the tag line something like “Diamonds: She’ll pretty much have to.”

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