I have no room for ugly jewlery

Does anyone else think Pandora* jewlery is butt ugly?

A friend of mine wants that ugly charm bracelet. She’s telling all her friends to get her specific charms. (tacky)

I told her I’d get her something nice, but not that. I’d rather my gift be a surprise.
I didn’t hurt her feelings by telling her she has no taste, or she’s a victim of an unfortunate trendyitis. (of course it’s a word!)
*Before anyone beats me up about this lovely crap, please note, my tongue in firmly planted in my cheek.

I hope they package that stuff in something other than a box. :smiley:

I’d rather have to wear it than the typical modern bridal set. The Pandora bracelets are unattractive, but those rings are enough to take the sight out of a good eye.

I’ve told my husband I’ll divorce him if he ever gives me a Pandora bracelet. Or one of those Jane Seymour Open Butts necklaces.

I agree those Pandora type charm bracelets are ugly. I think they are invented for people (often men) who don’t know what to get their wife or girlfriend or mother. With this they can buy the bracelet and a charm or two for this holiday and then for each of the next ten or so holidays/birthdays they can buy another charm or two until they fill up the bracelet.

She’s not suffering from trendyitis. Pandora is so 2 years ago. The real trend now is the equally ugly (but worse because it’s friggen noisy) is Alex and Ani. One of my classmates has to have at least 20 Alex and Ani bracelets on her dominant arm and every time she takes notes or a test, they jingle and clank on the desk.
My future mother-in-law bought me the starter bracelet a couple years ago. Since then I’ve been a grand total of 5 charms. I hate the damn thing. I never asked for one, never wanted one. But I kept it an occasionally wear it because the charms people gave me actually show they put thought and consideration into their choices. Also, none of the people who contributed to my bracelet know my feelings about the fugly things.

But the Pandora bracelet is such a brilliant piece of marketing! It gives clueless husbands a gift option for birthdays, Valentines Days, Sweetest Days, Christmases and anniversaries to come, requiring very little thought or effort on their part but conveying some semblance of sentimentality.

Motorgirl, I’m with you 100% on the open butts necklaces.

I hate Pandora bracelets and am glad no one has ever given me on. With that out of the way, I’m still rather pleased that they exist because I have a friend who’s even harder to buy for than I am and she has a Pandora. I’ve bought her a couple of charms over the years but probably won’t again.

I wish I knew what an open butt necklace is.

We call them the two butt necklace.

I kind of wish my sister-in-law had a Pandora bracelet. I would at least know what to get her. I don’t really care for them, myself. I don’t like the butt-hearts either. Thankfully no one has bought me any.

Hehe. Yes, I can see why. I do hope no one ever buys me one.

I rarely wear jewelry but I have a few pieces I really love. I saw nothing remotely lovable in their catalog. Most of it looks like something a pre-teen or a Christmas sweater wearing grandma would appreciate.

The worst is the commercial where the guy dating the little girl’s mom gives the little girl an open butt necklace – “Mommy, it’s just like yours!” I know it’s wrong, but the buttness makes me think of men who date women with children to get access to the children.

I am so relieved to hear that I’m not the only person who thinks something like that at that commercial. It creeps me out!

You, of course, me the “2” right?

How about the Levian “chocolate” diamonds? They’re mud diamonds. They find them in the park in Arkansas and they’re free to anone who finds one.


Ya gotta admit, “chocolate diamond” is a great marketing, so much better than “industrial carbon crystals” which is what they used to be sold as. Here, twenty years ago this would have been made into an industrial drill bit but I put it in a ring for you!

Is it any different from the “pashmina” scarf craze a few years ago? Those things went for >$100-now you can buy them for $6.
It is all marketing-the art of convincing people they need a useless item:mad:

We call those “poop diamonds”

Me three. (four?)