My bugs are here!

Four beautifull, live Maine lobsters just arrived at my door! Two pounders!

Where are my lemons?

Chowder and two more bugs are expected momentarily.

Mmmm, yummy arthropods…

Oh man, these were PISSED about being in the box. One has a carapace fracture but is still alive, and the biggest one came out fighting. It took me three tries just to get him out of the box!

Maybe he was just mad about being on the bottom.

Now that everyone is snug in the fridge, where is my pot? We are trying a new mail-order lobster company before we place a big order for a dinner party.

Wish me luck!

For some fun (and good lobster recipes), please check the link in my sig line.

Happy munching…

PS: Do yourself a favor and have petite filet mignons with your bugs. Spear a nugget of each on your fork, dip in butter and, Voila! hardened arteries… er, I mean fabulous flavor. [sub](actually, both)[/sub]

Oh my god that’s so freaky.

But I do enjoy lobster…save me a piece!! :slight_smile: