Holy Crap! That's one big damn' sea bug

Found this on CNN.com: Bubba, the 22 pound lobster.

The story’s pretty good, especially the paragraph that mentions PETA trying to convince them to release it back into the wild, and the following paragraph that tells of People for Eating Tasty Animals trying to buy it…

But the really impressive part of this is the second picture in the slideshow - to the best of my knowledge, the other lobster is average sized (maybe 1-3 lbs?).

Damn. Bubba is one gigantic sumbitch.

-sniff- Size isn’t everything.

Many people feel that the smaller the mouthful, the sweeter the taste.

Lobsters. We’re discussing lobsters here, people.

I have sampled some gargantuan lobsters in my day, and while my norm is a nice 1.5 pounder, I’ve tried a 5-7 pounder. Did not taste as good. Seriously. This is before drowning it in drawn buttah.

I hope they release it back into the wild, where it can once again be the Krustacean King of Kape Kod.



He apparently has died

HELOOO! I wish to file a COMPLAINT about this giant lobster what I purchased from this very establishment not 'alf an hour ago! :smiley:

What the hell I didn’t know a lobster could live more than 5 years. :eek:

He’s not dead. He’s pining for the Grand Banks!
From the linked story regarding Bubba’s death:

“The cause of death is not yet known.”

I’m going to go ahead and assume boiling water may have played a part, somehow.