My bum hurts.

Or, rather, it is saddle-sore.
I just bought a new mountain bike and because I haven’t ridden one for a while my bum (particularly the bony part in the middle) has got to get used to the saddle.

I went for a ride today. It hurt for a bit, but I am inclined to believe in the concept of ‘working through the pain’ because before long some quite rough terrain was causing no pain at all.

The bike I bought is double-suspension (It is bouncy at both ends)
I’ve done this before (spent ages not riding, then started riding, only to have a temporary sore-ass)

Do other on-off cyclists experience this phenomenon?

Excuses, excuses…
:: Stern voice & scary scowl ::

Come along, Master Lobsang, all these fibs aren’t helping you. I can wait all day, so it’s your time you’re wasting. Now, I’ll ask you again, what have you been doing?

You must know by now that I have no life. Therefore you should also know that when I say my bum hurts for some mundane boring excusable uncontroversial non sexual reason - it probably does.

Prepare for some serious waiting.

Trouble is, I have to translate this to fit into a Manx existence. And I know nothing about this whatsoever, so my imagination fills in the blanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? Was he on bumfights?


Yeah, the same thing is happening to me. I bought a mountain bike 6 weeks ago and rode it for 20 minutes a day on smooth pavement. My ass has been killing me ever since. I hurts when I sit down but the worst pain occurs as I’m in the process of standing up after sitting for a while. I haven’t ridden the bike for 4 weeks and the pain has not deceased at all.

Quite being such a skirt and stop your whining.

Just ride.


My butt hurts, too. I went out on my bike for the first time in a year. It doesn’t hurt if I sit up straight properly, but if I lean forward a bit, then that bony part in the middle does hurt. Ow…

Gentlemen, have you not heard of gel seats? Extra padding? Saddles with a neat hole in the middle so that your prostate isn’t squished? Get thee hence to a cyclemonger, and purchase a comfortable seat.

keeeripes, some people;)


Well, courtesy of today’s Tour de France Time Trial prologue winner (went searching about to see who he was), here is the professional’s guide to Main-Taint-ance (scroll down a little).