My bunny and me...

I was all set to write this wonderfully flowery, long, drawn-out post about three things that are happening this month (none of them Thanksgiving). And then I realized, given the circumstances of the main, one, that to follow suit here really meant getting right down to the issue. That’s angelfire/lycos, so you will probably have to C&P it into your browser window for it to work.

The short version, then, is this:

I first contacted fizzestothetop around the beginning of August thanks to this thread. What can I say? You see someone like that and you have to serve notice even if she’s been married thirty thousand years (in which case you’d really have to serve notice:D).

So we talked … and talked … and talked. Within a week we’d had a 17-hour conversation (11 AM one day to, allowing for a very short break so she could get food once in a while, 4 AM next day). And circumstances were not as bad as they could have been; I’ve had crushes as far away as Sweden before (Anniz, among others), so it wasn’t as if I was facing a $600 plane ticket.

And the idea of her coming up to see me, and me showing her around GMU (since she’s wanted to get away from this area for a good while now) sounded nice, and we settled on the first weekend of October, which happened to be near (hehehe) my birthday and also close enough to (on) a dopefest that I could bring her up. As a friend, since she didn’t want a relationship (had just gotten out of one with a guy who, while not altogether abusive, was not anyone I’d wish to see dating anyone I kno/ew).

Her parents refused to be sold on this idea when she brought it up with them in September; that and the fact that her car was (and is) experiencing some problems with guzzling oil. So I made the 400+ mile trek on September 27 to a Hardeez on US 23 N to meet up with her.



Y’all are an awfully attractive bunch, but … dude.
I stayed the weekend and left, having met (and survived) her father, who approved of me basically because I wasn’t her ex(;)), and after a very tearful goodbye, drove back to school and proceeded to be more depressed than I think I’ve been all this year.

After a few days and a collective hour or so of talking about this, B (as I have been calling her, as it’s the first letter of her actual name and my name for her) and I decided that it would be best (read: not heart-wrenchingly painful) for me to drive back down that Thursday.

Thursday came, and I was planning to leave after my 720-835 PM class was over. There I was, talking via AIM to her, and behold she was feeling like shit. So I hopped into my car, drove home to get the brownies my grandmother had made for me, and drove to her place.

Or as far as I could get before my car broke down on I-81, near exit 60. 130-ish miles from her house.

Hmm, said I (well, not initially, but winners write history and I won;)). I hope B will be willing to pick me up from this podunk-like place. And indeed she was.

Waitaminnit. I said this was going to be short, and I’m practically outlining our dating history. Okay, let’s cut this short. Stayed with her for two and a half weeks while my car got fixx0red, mostly did the drive down thursday/up tuesday bit except once when I got sick and stayed until Friday. Haven’t been away from her for more than a week since.

Last Tuesday morning (3:30), I went up to her bed to go sleep with her (the snoring kind, not the happy fun wet kind) and as I was holding her I had the same urge I’d felt earlier in the day when we were watching a movie (Behind Enemy Lines, which makes no sense given the context…).

And I thought to myself “Self, where can I rent a few testicles to summon up the courage to ask her this?”

And I played with her right ring finger, stupidly thinking that’s where engagement rings and wedding bands went. And she started to wonder why the hell I was … fingering her finger:) And we embarked on the road called “Patrick gets rather nervous in situations akin to these, and it would really kill the mood if this didn’t go as he hopes it will” (which is a really long sign, by the way. Hard to miss, though).

Ultimately, I said to her “I want to marry you.” Not a question, I know. I was on both knees, but I was laying down on the bed. Far away from anything remotely resembling your stereotypical marriage proposal. And next out of my mouth was “Does that sound like a good idea to you?”

She turned to face me, and we smiled and sorta giggled for a bit and she squeezed me and suchlike and whispered her answer, which for those of you who have just joined us was yes.

I actually did ask her a few minutes later, for romance’s sake and all that. For those who were wondering what was up with my LJ entry “En-what?”, that’s what it is. En-gaged.

So why the delay (between asking and posting)? Well, for one, because we both (I more than she) wanted some time to just soak in it before we told anyone else outright. That’s actually the main reason, really. There were other little things (didn’t feel the burning desire to post about it on the boards, etc. Sometimes I actually do wait for the right [to me] moment;)) like not having a ring.

The ring we got today (yesterday, technically) at Zales. She saw it, asked to see it, picked it up and put it on and fell in love with it. We saw some of the most inexpensive (and not-bad looking) rings they had and some of the most expensive (biggest $ was an $8K that was basically a thick platinum band and a nice chunk of diamond. Not all that pretty, IMO. Says “I have no fashion sense, so I make up for it with my Wad O’Cash” to me).

And she clung to that ring and just kept looking at it and playing with it and putting it on and admiring her hand/finger/new toy.

And it became ever-apparent that as much as I had found her, she had found The One Ring. Bilbo Baggins, eat your heart out.

The only problem with this (which is another small reason we’ve waited to post about it) is her parents. They are, shall we say, living vicariously though her. They do not want her engaged right now or even five years from now. Her father said he isn’t ready for her to be engaged (we think he was trying to be amusing and mock the idea of her being engaged right now). So while her parents and siblings (so far, except for the one who lives in Oregon) are around, she keeps it, alternately, in her pocket or on a tiny gold chain around her neck. And when they aren’t around she, as she says, “I don’t feel naked when I have my ring on:)”

And the smile she gets on her face … she could compete with newborns, I swear.

We’re going to tell her parents eventually. Whether we can come up with a plan or whether she accidentally leaves it on and we have to explain then is another matter. And there’s no date set yet (we’ve not really got anything we want to do beforehand, but it would be rather impractical to get married, say, this summer), though we’ve entertained the idea of my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, which is in June of 2004.

Oh. This month is also her one-year-anniversary of joining the board, and has I posted as her instead of logging her out even once more, it’d be a PCP (most posters never get to 150…) of sorts;) And today, being the 28th of November, is also the two month anniversary of the day we met in person, as well as our nine-day anniversary (was gonna post this Tuesday, but didn’t have the ring yet).

There. Done. :: pant pant pant ::

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my fiancée is upstairs sleeping, and I do believe I will go join her:)

Awww, that was like, the sweetest post ever!! Congrats, you crazy kids! :slight_smile:

((((('punha )))))

What a wonderful thing! Congratulations to the both of you, my friend!

Well God Bless America, I thought this was going to be some awful, glurgy “My lil’ Flopsy did the cutest thing” thread and lo and behold it’s not Flopsy at all. Quite the opposite in fact. Congrats! Now get married and initiate impregnation ASAP.

Impregnation comes (ha. funny. or something. It’s 2:30 AM. I make no promises) after graduation (hers and, one would assume, mine, as I started college a bit before she did).

A pre-emptive thanks/{{{{{[name]}}}}}/other such things to anyone who posts here, as I’ll be away from the internet for a good bit of tomorrow (TWO thanksgiving dinners. My eating pants may well break).


You already know this, but I’m going to say it anyways. :slight_smile:

Congrautlations to the both of you! I am very happy for you, and wish you every happiness. :slight_smile:

{{{{iampunha & fizzestothetop}}}}


Woohoo! Congratulations!

Aww, punha, even though I already knew, that story makes me get all *swoony.

And the ring…wow.

*Almost quite as swoony as a certain Rhode Island resident, whose personaity I sum up in the sig below. I loves ya, Paddy, but you’re no Hyatte. :smiley:

WooHoo! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Awwwww 'Punha darlin, I’m so happy for you both. She is getting an excellent young man and I have no doubt you are getting a wonderful young woman. Am I invited to the wedding ? May I weep and wail about the good looking young hunk who dumped me for someone his own age ? :wink: :smiley:

What is wierd is that you and my son have something in common, he proposed to his gf on the 16th, so I have a future daughter-in-law now. I am very pleased, however her parents are not ready for this yet either so Son and Future D-I-L have decided to tell them that the engagement ring is a promise ring. That may be an option for you so she doesn’t have to hide the ring , after all an engagement ring IS a promise ring, of sorts. ::shrug::

Theirs will be a long engagement too, she has 3 years left in school so looks like they will be waiting. She is 19 and son is 22.

Yeehaw!!! Congrats, punha and fizzes!!!

[sub]I tell ya, this board is dangeroous.[/sub] :slight_smile:

Awwww, congrats. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the congratulations. It’s nice to know, as I’m sitting here with my ring in my pocket (mom is up and about making the turkey day dinner) that even though I can’t tell my parents everybody else is still happy for us. :slight_smile:

I’m still as giddy as I was yesterday when we found The One Ring and I have a feelin’ that feelin’ won’t go away for quite sometime. I think it’s safe to say that I’m the happiest bunny in the world. At least for today.:slight_smile:

Zoot alors! Another engagement! Well, at least this time I’m in the know. At least this time I don’t figure it out five months after the couple gets married.

Congrats to you both! :slight_smile:

Congratz… I do belive my heart is smiling for you guys. very rare for me to get the warm fuzzies, but this post did it :slight_smile: blessing to you both

Congratulations you guys! Best of luck Patrick and his bunny!

Damn…at least I know which board to go to if I need a quick marriage… :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations-that’s GREAT!

(although, I have to say, I thought this would be a post about a pet rabbit. Go figure!)

::sings to the tune of a conga line song::

My BA-by’s getting mar-RIED!
My BA-by’s getting mar-RIED!


Guys, I haven’t met fizzestothetop yet, but I’ve IM-chatted with her a fair amount and spoken just a little bit on the phone. She is a sweet and delightful person. I’d say she’s sensible, except that she wants to marry my firstborn. :smiley: (She loves my son! He loves her! Yee haw!!!) I am thrilled about their engagement, and so is iampunha’s dad.

Now if we can just figure out a way to calm her parents down. . . .

::hums happily to herself::

Congratulations, Iampuna and Fizzes!

Congrats punha and fizzestothetop.

I wish you much happiness.