My Cable modem is whistling??

I have had a cable modem for more than a year now, but recently something strange has started to happen.

I’ll be sitting on my computer (well, on the chair in front of my computer), and all of a sudden, my modem will make a short slide-whistle type noise. It’s a short, almost muffled sound like a slide whistle going down in pitch.

This has only started in the last few months. Does anybody else have this?

I have an ADSL (USB) modem that does exactly the same thing, I don’t know why though.

This happened to a person at work, right before it caught on fire, almost taking his house with it. Now, I’m not saying the two events are necessarily connected, but he’s the only one I know who 1) had the whistling cable modem, and 2) had a fire from one.

It was in his baby’s room too! :eek:

The (56k) modem in my Mac powerbook “sings” - a high pitched beeping hum - when it’s doing certain things. I have no clue why.