My career is flagging, should I eat my cat's faeces?


Before you answer the obvious, read this:

Apparently a mind altering parasite is a good thing to have.

…say the people infested with mind-altering parasites.

Nice try Parasito but you’ll have to get up pretty early in the morning to convince me to eat poop.

Don’t forget the breath mints.

So, did they control for cat ownership versus non-cat-ownership?

Pretty sure I’d rather just own[sup]*[/sup] our cat than eat her poop

[sup]*[/sup]yeah, I know, I know…

I say yes.

Well you would, wouldn’t you!

It was pretty much required. :slight_smile:

The parasite boosts risk taking behaviour. It doesn’t make those risks less risky. In fact, since its goal seems to be getting rats eaten by cats I would say quite the opposite.

Great user name/original post combo

Nope. Dude don’t do it. Not a good idea.

Voice of experience?

Yeah, everybody knows you’re supposed to smoke it, not eat it!

It worked for me.

It definitely won’t help a career.

Just pretend that they’re fish-flavored Tootsie Rolls, and they go down pretty easily.

If I were a moderator, this is where I would remove the first “e” from “faeces” in the thread title.

That’s what your parasites want you to believe.

It’s admitting to it that’s the real career killer

Ummm…. Almond Roca!

My dog’s trainer is convinced that cats give humans a disease that…makes them like cats a lot. Thus creating crazy cat ladies.

Probably worth mentioning that I believe my dog’s trainer doesn’t like cats at all.

I like cats and dogs and I think having a dog probably balances out the cat-craziness. OTOH I have gone long periods with only cats so you never know. My brain informs me that it’s functioning perfectly no matter what.

Note that I would not eat cat feces, but they walk through their boxes and then they walk other places. Yeah not gonna think about that.