My carrot won't stay firm

I buy carrots in little bunches at the local whole foods store, so they still have the greens attached. But one night in the fridge and they tunr soft & lifeless as if they’ve been boiled. OTOH, pre-fab carrots in a bag seem to stay hard & crunchy for a week or two.

The only thing I can think of is that the pre-bagged industry carrots have been treated with sulfides, which helps veggies keep their crispiness longer. It stands to reason that a whole foods market wouldn’t buy chemically treated carrots, so they go limp faster. But over night?? But can that be all there is to it?

Since the carrot is actually a root, maybe I should bury them in the ground as soon as I get home, watering regularly and dig them back up one by one as I need them? I believe carrot is a mamber of the parsley family, and I know well enough to keep fresh parsley in water, same as you would fresh-cut flowers. But keeping a bunch of carrots in a big pan of water in the fridge isn’t an option (not enough room).


Cut the greens off. They continue to wick up water and aspirate it to the air.

Try Viagra

I buy carrots in five pound bags for juicing (MMM, carrotty!), and I stored them in a tall tupperware container full of water in the refrigerator. They stay crisp and crunchy for at least a week, which is about as long as 5lbs. of carrots last in my house.

Also, I would suggest cutting off the green tops as soon as you get them home from the store; they just draw moisture out of the carrot, leading to limpness.

They used to sell these vegetable bags with tiny holes in 'em that would really help keep veggies fresh amd crisp in the fridge. Can’t find them anymore, though.

I think it was the phenomenally stupid and annoying ads that killed this product (stupid talking thumb thing), they really seemed to work.

not only that but if you want them to stay hard for longer you can put them vertically so they are covered with water half way up. They will absorb water this way.

Grok probably was joking, but florists have discovered that Viagra, vastly diluted, keeps flowers from going limp.

Of course! The greens need to stay alive, and the root is there to make sure that happens. I will be chopping the greens off the next batch & report back.

Are you sure this is not an urban legend? I have no evidence against it, but it sounds a bit fishy to me!

This is kind of off topic but it’s cool.

Limp carrots feel a lot like human fingers. If you carve a limp carrot into the shape of a thumb you can do a magic trick/prank where you hide your hand under a handkerchief and pretend it is your thumb. Have someone feel your ‘thumb’ and then snip the tip off with scissors. I haven’t actually tried this with another person, but I have tested a limp carrot to see if it felt like a thumb. It did.

Some day I’ll get up the nerve to try this.

I just now did a Google search on “cut flowers Viagra,” and there are lots of cites. It’s not an urban legend. It also works on fresh vegetables, but may not be safe for edible products. On flowers, it is said to extend the turgidity by seven days.


I don’t think finding a lot of Internet cites about something means it’s not an urban legend.

true Rev, Viagra works on the human vasular system & I can’t figure out how it would have any effect on a plants’.

Heh. My original thought.

But Placing them in a shallow depth of water, sealed up and in the fridge - keeps most veggies chipper and firm. Evaporation from fresher, non treated veggies and fruits happens more rapidly, from what I’ve been told. Pesticides and Preservative sprays (mainly on bagged vegetation) traps the moisture in alot longer, so they don’t go limpy - as quickly as the fresher variety.

Well this thread is staying mighty firm…

I cut the greens off & put the carrots in a tall glass (to keep them upright) with about an inch of water and that did the trick!

No perscription medication needed.