My Casting Game

Well, din’t really know if you’d call it a game per se, but maybe the mods can come up with a place for it.

Anyway, the premise is, you’ve been assigned to cast an actor to play a specific person in history. All kinds of history.

For instance, let’s pretend I’m casting for a film called “The Don Knotts Story”.

First actor I would call to audition might be this guy:

So, then someone else comes along with a better choice, etc. etc… and however many people agree on the best choice, that person wins and gets to put out the next casting call.



PS: I’m gonna go ahead and report this so a mod can check it…

Looks like a game to me … so I’ll move it to the Game Room.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

John Cusack as Paul McCartney.