My cat almost knows President-elect Obama!

My cat Hunter was given to me by a friend of Barack Obama’s mother.

What celebrity connections does YOUR cat have?

My cat is from New Hampshire, as am I. I’ve met, and asked questions of, Bob Kerry, John Kerry, Howard Dean, and George W. Bush. So, the cat knows someone who’s briefly met a few major politicians.

Well our cat Emma is related to me, and I am the great, great niece of Leo F. Forbstein, Musical Director for Casablanca and winner of the first Academy Award ever presented for Best Score in a Motion Picture, and Louis Forbes, also an Academy Award nominee, and Musical Director for Gone with the Wind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the perfect smear-busting tandem when I was in LaPorte, Indiana. One lady worked with Barack back in the day as an organizer and actually had a hand in training him. Her friend sat down the pew from Barack for 20 years at Trinity.

So they stumble across this ladt that had this smear email she got from someone, printed out. It was supposedly from the Washington Post and “confirmed” that Barack was Muslim. They just so happened to have had the Post’s endorsement article printed out and they both extolled his virtues. That might be the one time that the damage from one of those smear emails was ever reversed.

When I was about 8, Dad got into his head that he wanted a pedigreed Siamese. He found a lady a couple towns over that bred and showed siamese. The ones that wouldn’t show well, but were still gorgeous to the layman’s eye - she would sell.

We went to visit, and found a male that was perfect. We named him** Chang**, and he was the wiliest, sneakiest cat you ever met. We found out later that one of his brothers from the same litter (her neighbor worked with my dad and got another from the litter, a sister) won whatever the big giant Poobah, Best in Show of USA cat shows prize is called.

Aside from that, I’m about as celebrity as my cat’s know. We keep them in the house and they run upstairs when strangers come by.

My mom’s best friend went to CA to become a nanny to the stars, and ended up becoming a nanny to Meredith Baxter-Birney’s then-newborn twins, Molley and Peter. A coworker of my mom, a “crazy cat lady,” thought this was the neatest thing since no-kill cat shelters, and named two of her latest additions to her cat collection Molly (sic) and Peter.

Molly was a tiny cat (never got above 6 lbs as an adult), was picked on by the rest of the cats, never got to eat since the other cats would keep her away from the bowls, and was spending a lonely, sad existence hiding under cat-lady’s bed. I’d been begging my mom for a pet cat for years, and cat-lady convinced my mom that Molly would be a great late birthday gift. I got her in October of 1984 (she was about a year and a half old at that time) and we kept each other company until she passed away in December of 2006. A pretty damn good present.

Anyway. So, my cat was named for a child of a star of the then-popular show Family Ties. Right around that time, my mom’s friend got some of the cast members to call me up, and I got to tell Ms. Birney about my cat. Bet she was thrilled.

(Creepily, I was looking up Ms. Birney’s kids a while back when trying to determine the exact date I’d been given Molly, and ran across Molley’s MySpace page. She’s a cute woman, and reminded me quite a bit of an ex of mine. I always wondered what would have happened if I’d contacted her to say “HEY!!11! My Cat was named after YOU!!! LOLZ!”)

A friend of mine has a bloodhound who was in a campaign commercial for Joe Liberman. Nice dog though, he is not all full of himself.

Great. Now people’s cats are more adept socially than I am… sigh


My cat is famous in my village in Bulgaria. People found my cat-pampering (ie, I bought him actual cat food and gave him baths if he got dirty and he slept in my bed) weird and hilarious and everyone knew about him.

But he hasn’t met anyone famous. Yet.