To whomever abandoned Barbara the cat

I would scold you for leaving a four-paw declawed cat defenseless on the street, but your judgement is obviously impaired. You ditched a perfect cat, and now he is mine. I don’t know why you even bothered declawing him, he is gentler than a Ragdoll, tolerating baths, vet visits and almonds upside the head without a hiss, slap, or snarl. Even when he gets predator-playful and pounces on toes he never touches people with his teeth, he just mouths toes with fuzzy lips.
Maybe his frolicking was off-putting. He dances around the house, occasionally popping into the air to do “Jazz Hands”. You may have found his affection smothering. Barbara has been trying to care for me and my husband since the day we brought him in. Barbara has brought us dead bugs and catnip mice. He springs into action if anyone has a nightmare, cuddling, kneading and purring reassurance. ( I have been told by a guest that this is particularly helpful if you are having werewolf nightmares). If you are sick, Barbara behaves like a hot water bottle that comes to you when you call and always stays warm.
It doesn’t really matter why you left him out to starve. Thank you for a perfect cat.

Happy New Year to the perfect cat who found his perfect family; may he enjoy many more.

I’m happy for both you and Barbara that you found each other.

Now, where’s a picture of the sweetie? I could swear that was law here.

Oops! pictures :

Aww, he’s a cutie! Give him an ear scratch for me.

I wish I could take a good picture of him in the sun: he has a peach-apricot undercoat, with fine white guard hairs. Indoors he is buff, but in the sun, he is light salmon pink. Its part of the reason we have him, we kept seeing “that pink cat” when we went out.

Just out of curiosity, but how did he get the name Barbara? And how does he and your birds get along?

Are you sure Barbara didn’t just escape?

Barbara was outside 6 months getting thinner and thinner, getting fleas and worms. I checked all the usual places, (pet stores, vets, hardware stores, etc) and no one reported him missing. He is a very distinctive looking cat. He had no microchip. He backs away from open doors. He did end up in our yard once when he fell in love with a guest and followed him outside, but then he sat under our porch and cried.
His name is Barbara Elizabeth Hitler. Mostly because I suck at names, and partially because I thought he was a girl. I had not realized he was neutered. He learned he was “Barbara” right away, I did not have the heart to confuse him by changing it.

Um…those links just lead to some wikipedia thing about hypertext. I’d love to see your cat, but is this just my computer?

Barbara is a lovely cat, and bless you for taking care of him. The perfect cat found the perfect family - Bast truly looks after her own.

Ooooh, he’s buff. I love a buff cat.

I was going to ask how he came to be named Barbara but I see it’s been answered. Now the Hitler part, that might be something people would want to know too. It’s not like he even has a moustache!

My husband contributed the “Hitler” after Barbara staged a one-cat interpretive dance of the initial battles of WW II across the bed at 3am.
The birds are not crazy about him, Zahzoo keeps saying " What is it?!" and chunking almond shells at him, Steve bird has snapped at the end of Barbara’s tail, and the twins ignore him. He has only looked at them when they flap their wings, but has not tried to approach them. The ballistic almonds probably have something to do with this

There’s some extraneous stuff on the front of the link - cut out everything before the second “http” and you can see the pics.

Barbara is beautiful!

He is a beautiful cat. That is part of why I had to share mundane pointless stuff about him.I would have expected people would want him around just for his looks, even if he was a jerk. The vet said he might be as old as two years, so if you subtract the 6 months he was on the street, implies that he lost his home around the time he lost his kitten status

I think that Barbara Elizabeth Hitler is about the most fantastic name for a cat I have ever heard. My soul is singing in happiness because of your chosen cat name. I named my cats Joey and Oliver but now I am thinking they need middle names. Also possibly famous last names too.

i’m so glad you found each other. have you thought about changing barbara to barbaro?

this past november just in time for thanksgiving i found a lovely torti with a calico face. she is a wonderful cat and after checking with vets, stores, and shelters, found out she was alone in the world. so very friendly and cuddily, everyone who met her loved her. thankfully she wasn’t feral long.

unfortunatly she didn’t feel comfortable around other cats so i couldn’t keep her. she found a new catless home in 5 days.

i can’t figure out some people and thier idea of responsibility.

Or just Bobby? Bobby Hitler.


I miss my cat…!