My cat ate some Fig Newtons! Should I worry?

Lame title, but says it all. When I got home tonight I discovered that one of my cats had eaten some Fig Newtons I’d been stupid enough to leave out. He seems to be okay, but I can’t find any info on whether figs are bad for cats. Has he poisoned himself, or is he just going to have some very healthy litter box visits?

As far as I know, the fruit of the fig and the fig of the newton are not toxic.

You should only worry if the furry ones sleep next to your pillow. :eek:

Yes, you should worry that from now on you’ll need to hide the Fig Newtons.

Get a picture of the cat eating Fig Newtons and offer it to Nabisco for a price. Better yet, a video.

Shiva’s way too active at night to allow him to stay in the bedroom, unfortunately. He tends to climb on things and knock things over.

The worst that’ll happen to kitteh is that he will briefly be more “regular”.

I Can Has Froot N Cakez?!

And you can scoop the box, too! :smiley:

Seriously, I couldn’t find info on whether figs were dangerous for cats, so it’s a relief that it seems not to be. Thank you, all of you, for relieving my anxiety.

You’ll be singing a different tune when Shiva’s “Farts of Death” waft your way tonight.

Living up to the name, eh?

Earned it. As in, I named him that after he had displayed his natural talents in that direction.

One time, he knocked over a lamp in my bedroom and tripped the circuit breaker for the room. :eek:

I’m glad your kitty survived the experience - the only problem you will have now is trying to find a safe place to hide them! They’re on the list of official cat treats now…

God, no. Do we really want a lolcats-based ad campaign (“I can haz Newtons[sup]TM[/sup]!”) infesting the nation? It could be Spongmonkeys all over again.

I am become Death, the Farter of Worlds.

Iz tootin ur newton.

yes–worry. worry a lot. Because now you will have to buy fig newtons every day for the next 10 years.
‘Cause once he’s had a fig newton, there ain’t no goin’ back to dry pellet chow.

Hey, I thought that god hates figs.

Seriously, it’s going to happen. Get in there first.

Is it can be Leveraged Index Mutual Fundz® time now pleez?

P.S. To the OP: my fat cat Cookie Monster ate some grapes once and she’s fine. And chocolate. And she loves guacamole.

Food is usually kept in the fridge or in the pantry, because if it’s left out Shiva will eat it. I just forgot to put these away, so it’s my own fault the little furrball was able to get to them. And, David, he doesn’t do this when I’m around to see him do it; 'cause then he wouldn’t be able to do it, and he knows that.

For the record, he chewed through the plastic wrap and took a mighty chomp out of 2 cookies, and grazed a third. I think he must have decided he didn’t like the taste, since that was all he ate.

Could be worse.

My bigger cat lurves him some jalapeno peppers.


Then he has Evil Wind. I can’t even begin to adequately describe the emanations from his nether regions after he’s had him some jalapeno peppers. It’s disturbing.