Weird Things Your Cat Eats

When I was young I had a cat and she would love to eat the aloe plant. Actually I should say she would plunge her “fangs” into the aloe plant and suck the juice.

But every once in awhile she’d do things like I’d be eating cake and she’d hope up in my lap and meow. So I’d give her a piece and she’d eat a bit. Which is weird 'cause she had her cat food, and I only would see her beg for raw meat when my mum would fix it.

I just wondered if anyone else had a cat that would eat things normally not associated with a cat. You know like bread or sweets

I know a dog will pretty much eat anything, well my dog would.

My cat will eat anything I’m eating. About the oddest so far have been ; Mandarin oranges, salad, french fries with ranch dressing (after the first one, he turned his nose up at a fry without the ranch) and crackers.

one of my cats, Yuki, loved pancakes. I miss her. Weird little beastie.

My other cat, Taozer, brother of Yuki, likes all sorts of weird crap, goes apeshit over shrimp (kinda normal) but also over sour cream. He also loves Goldfish crackers and Cheez-its, as in will stick his head in the box and start munching away if you’re not paying attention.

Well I can see how cats would like things with milk or cheese in it. I just think it’s really odd when they veggies or sweet things, 'cause I know cats can’t taste sweet

One of my cats has a fetish for sticky tape, and I have to be sure that I don’t leave anything with tape on it where she can get to it or she will eat it until she throws up, then go back for more.

At this festive time of year, I’m trying to stop the other cat eating tinsel. You can tell when she’s managed to slip by me and steal some because it gets stuck halfway out her butt. Ewww. And it can’t be good for her insides.

I have one tabby that must have some sort of feline eating disorder. He’ll eat anything that remotely resembles food including moths, salsa, crackers, bread (I can’t leave any in the kitchen where he can reach it), bagels, antacid tablets, rubber bands, and packing peanuts.

My little girl cat likes cheddar cheese chex mix and, oddly enough, plain popcorn.

Upon the advice of my vet I recently started giving all the kits a spoonful of cooked pumpkin. All of them lap it right up. I thought that was sort of odd for carnivores.

I used to have a cat that went bonkers over Doritos. She’d come running whenever she heard the crinkle of cellophane, hoping to score a few.

Many years ago I had a cat, Figaro, six years old. He was always an indoor cat, and had never been in contact with another cat. One night I brought home a tiny kitten that I had found outside. Figaro didn’t know what to make of it; I’m not sure whether he realized they were the same species. But he kind of lost his mind for a while, including eating things that weren’t meant to be eaten. Like an audio cassette (I said this was many years ago). He cracked open the case and ate the tape. It worked its way through his body and out the other end without breaking. It took a few days to come out, and I had to periodically cut off what was trailing behind him, usually with a poop attached to the end.

One of my current cats likes to eat rubber bands. I have to lock them up. Last night I caught her nibbling on the end of the artificial xmas tree.

Salad, rice, corn on the cob. She steals chips but not to eat - she stuffs them into a shoe until the shoe is full.

Ahem, where are your pictures?

I discovered last Christmas season that my Chloe loves peppermint ice cream. As in she shoved her head into my bowl as I held it closer to my face to (ineffectively) stop her.

I used to date a woman whose cat loved spaghetti - but only if I were eating it too.

Packing tape. Cellophane wrappers. Christmas bows. Christmas ribbons. Christmas trees.

(edit: artificial Christmas trees, not real ones.)

Did the tape ever work again? Or was it a shit track?

Cleo loves donuts. I think she can smell them in the trunk of the car just as we’re coming up the drive to the house.

Cats love anything with Ranch dressing. I think it’s made with Catnip.

It isn’t good. Tinsel can form a linear foreign body which stretches through the intestines and every time the intestines move (which is a lot) the linear FB will act as a saw on the intestines causing multiple areas of damage and potential rupture, it also causes the intestines to bunch up and stop working. Anything long and stringy can cause a linear FB, keep them away from cats.

My cat Pi likes Mint Chocolate Chip. I have to let him lick my bowl when I’m done. He also pesters me whenever I have coffee but I don’t let him have any. A couple nights ago he as pestering me while I was drinking hot chocolate so I put a teeny bit on a spoon and set it down for him and he liked it and continued to pester me. Before anyone gets upset about chocolate, it was packaged hot chocolate mix and I had made it too weak. There’s not enough chocolate in the whole package to be toxic, let alone in the couple of drops on the spoon. And there’s no chocolate chips left in the bowl of ice cream.

Pi seems to like sweets, he’s licked the syrup off the plates after we’ve had pancakes or waffles, too. He’s got a slim Siamese body though so hopefully he won’t end up fat or diabetic. He doesn’t get these treats very often.

Plastic bags. What can I say, he is weird.

I have a cat that loves blue corn chips.

My previous cat had a thing for bacon, can’t blame her really…

Is it the one who looks like Wally? Because he *loves *anything plastic. Also dryer sheets, which thankfully we learned when he barfed one up. I hate to think of the blockage that could have caused.

My stepdaughter L has a “witch’s broom” that was part of a Halloween costume. Instead of bristles, it has shiny plastic strips at its base. For reasons which exist only in his tiny brain, our cat Louie has decided these plastic strips are the most delicious candy Ceiling Cat has ever created.

Spanky (RIP) ate canteloupes and tomatoes. Trouble (RIP) ate popcorn, cheerios, etc., and no loaf of bread was safe from him. Molly likes yogurt, but only off my spoon. Put it in her dish and she’ll turn her nose up at it.