My cat Eccles and a kitten

I’ve had Eccles for about 14-15 years now and he’s getting to be a bit slow on his feet, his bits are slowly wearing out:(

Eccles is the wimpiest cat in the whole Universe, his hobbies, when he isn’t painting the garage or re-decorating, are sleeping and eating, both of which he does with skill.

So when a pal asked me if I wanted a kitten I said yep and selected a 10 week old female, a lovely little bundle of black and white fur.

I took her home, went into the garage and found a small box, put an old sweater in it and took her into the house.

Figuring she’d maybe want a bite to eat I opened the fridge and took out a can of cat food. Eccles, like all cats, can hear a fridge door opening in the next street and sure enough he sauntered into the kitchen to see what was on offer.

He stopped dead in his tracks, fur stood on end and he went fucking berserk.

Launching himself at the kitten, who was cowering in the box,Eccles proceeded to beat the shit out of the poor little bugger, howling and screaming like a banshee, teeth and claws slashing like mad.

I quickly rescued the kitten and put her into the garage returned to the house to find Eccles sat on his favourite armchair with a look on his face that said WHAT-THE-FUCK- IS-GOING-ON?

It’s quite obvious Eccles isn’t going to accept competition in HIS house so I ask…

How do I go about convincing him there is no threat?

Aww, that poor little kitten. I’m afraid I don’t have any advice on your situation, but… aww, that poor little kitten!

I should have said that I rescued the kitten before Eccles had really gone to town on it.

At the moment the kitten is back with my pal until such time as I can figure out a way for it to be accepted.

I’m not holding my breath

If Eccles has been the only cat in the house all this time, he’s going to take a while to accept a newcomer. You could try keeping the kitten in a separate room with the door closed for a while (I’ve done this for up to a week), just going in regularly to feed and play with her so she gets plenty of socialising. That way, Eccles will get used to the smell of another cat in “his” house, and you should be able to slowly introduce the two of them - let the kitten out into the main part of the house for a little while so that Eccles can smell a new cat around the place.

There’s also a produce called Feliway which has a plug-in thing you can buy, it helps calm them down and I know a lot of people have had success with it in the past.

And while you’re at it, young man, where are the pics of the new lady in your life?

Well I’ll be…I’ve not been called young since the old king died back in 1953;)

As far as pics go, I don’t have a digital camera as yet, crikey I’ve only just learned how to operate the microwave oven;) don’t try to confuse me with this new fangled technificollogy.

Honestly, some people

Do remember to watch the cats ALL the time. My cat (female) killed a kitten in about three seconds before we could stop her when I was a teenager…

My mom had this same issue. She had two cats: an older one (Okie) and a younger one (Trouble). They were best pals. When Okie died, mom thought she should get another cat as a companion for Trouble. Enter Archie, a rescue from the local humane society. To introduce them we put Archie in a large dog crate in the living room, then let Trouble in the room. WW3 ensued. Trouble FLEW at the crate, shoving it clear across the floor, emitting shrieks and hisses and growls and other ungodly sounds. In other words, sounds a bit like your Eccles’ reaction. Things weren’t looking good, but mom persisted.

It’s been four years now and they’ve reached a detente of sorts. If you’re lucky they’ll both lie peacefully at opposite ends of the sofa. But by no means are they pals, and if one encounters the other unexpectedly coming around a corner or something, all hell breaks loose. Fortunately it’s a big enough house and they spend lots of time outdoors so for the most part manage to avoid each other.

Oh, you wanted advice?
Time, patience, space.

Good luck.

Considering that Eccles has ruled the roost for many years I think it highly unlikely that he will entertain any other cat in “his” house.

With this in mind and not wanting to be the cause of any feline “homicide” I’ve decided not to take the kitten back, it just aint worth the hassle.

Thanks for advice people

Pity it had to turn out that way Chowder. I have a cat who lies back and wwatches other cats come in and eat her food yet she has been a lone cat for a few years. just couldn’t give a toss <shrugs> cats.

At first I considered making a little sort of comfy spot in the garage for the kitten but winter fast approaches and I don’t reckon it would be fair to make a small creature have to endure that.

Meanwhile Eccles sits here, master of all he surveys with a smuggish expression on his face.

I wonder what he’s thinking

Do try the smell-through-the-door approach. And if they get used to each other so there’s no actual violence they’ll probably learn to get along. When Edison first met poor Stokie he made the craziest noise I’ve ever heard him make except for the time he got a plastic bag stuck aroudn his neck and was so scared he peed all over himself. He’d hiss and swat at him for weeks, although he didn’t really try to hurt him. Now they’re sweet friends and wrestle harmlessly all the time. But don’t just put them together with no prior preparation like that.

Chowder, just a query- your cat Eccles? Is the first name Jennifer?

Nope, just Eccles.

A strange thing.

I brought the kitten home Sunday afternoon and took her back early evening.

Since then Eccles, who has never been one for showing affection (apart from mealtimes) has taken to following me all over the house, rubbing up against me, jumping on my lap, rushing to greet me when I get in.

Usually when I got home he just glanced in my direction and then went back to sleep.

Do you think he may have the idea that I intend replacing him as my best buddy?

Mine was a very bad joke about the wording of the song by the Hollies:

White chalk, written on red brick.
Our love, told in a heart.
It’s there, drawn in the playground.
Love, kiss, hate or adore.

I love Jennifer Eccles.
I know that she loves me.
I love Jennifer Eccles.
I know that she loves me.

I realised that.

Incidentally, he’s called Eccles because when I first found him as a kitten shivering on my back porch I put him into a box that had once contained Eccles cakes

I thought you’d called him Eccles after the Goon Show character, then you could have called the new kitten Bluebottle!

Yes and then doubtless Eccles would have “deaded” the new kitten:D

Hard to get anything passed you.