My cat has become a tv junkie

Seriously mundane and pointless, but submitted for your amusement.

My Mischief discovered the television the other day. He’s never really paid it much mind before. He’d occasionally glance at it if there was a loud sound, but never showed a whole lot of interest in what was actually on the screen. Until the other day.

My daughter was watching a show about crows, and the flock of noisy birds caught his attention. Not that surprising, since he regularly sits in my bedroom window and watches the crows outside. He was absolutely enthralled. He sat in front of the television for at least 30 minutes, meowing at it, and at me, and occasionally getting up on his hind legs to try to touch it (which I strongly discouraged for obvious reasons). We found this kind of adorable, and followed the crows with a show about pigeons. He didn’t move.

Since then, he’s parked himself in front of the television any time there are animals on it, and we watch a LOT of animal shows. He’s especially fascinated by birds, big cats, and bears. Seriously, he’s ALL OVER the bears. This, again, is completely adorable.

But last night I came home and found him watching Project Runway equally raptly. He stayed put for Supernatural. That ain’t right.

Bonus kitty pictures.

‘Body? What body?’

My little guy loves bird and squirrel dvds made for cats. Try some on yours.

Any pictures/video of kitty watching and interacting with the animals on TV? Now that would make me give it five out of five squees.

I wish I did, and if I manage to get any, believe me they’ll be up as fast as I can type. :slight_smile:

As if Animal Planet was enough to give your kitty his TV fix, they actually sell DVDs for feline audiences.

Don’t ask me how kitties manage to type in your credit card number or put the disc in the DVD player, though. :wink:

Back in the 80s, a credit card company issued a card to my sister’s dog, despite neither her nor her dog applying for it.

Not a great picture, since it’s a black cat in a dark room taken with a crappy cell phone, but here’s Mischief ruining his eyesight.

And a bonus Mischief making a nuisance of himself picture. :slight_smile:

When I was a kid, we had a cat that loved to watch hockey. We had a big zenith console TV and it was low to the ground.

He would constantly paw at the players. I remember he was particularly animated when the camera gave a close up to the referee as he was doling out a penalty.

I always assumed he like the contrast of the white ice and dark players.

My former cat (RIP) never paid attention to TV, except one time while I was watching a documentary on meerkats. She watched that show from beginning to end.

She would also attack the TV screen whenever I played Super Mario World…but that’s about it.

Slightly OT, but my 2 (urelated) torti female cats ‘chirp’ when they’re bird watching. Anyone know what I’m talking about? It sounds like a throaty, rapid clicking sound; for 15-20mins or more.

I’ve had cats for 30 yrs & never saw/heard this type of vocalization. I chalked it up to evolution; some sort of instinctual “bird call” left over on the primitive part of their brain when they had to actually catch a bird to survive. Pretty cool.

That’s just what the dog wants you to think.

not quite 5-squee material, but guarranteed to bring a smile:

Meta kitty is meta.

Oh! I haven’t looked at this in ages. #19 Skinny White Boy was a stray cat that stayed with us for awhile until he started sexually harassing our two cats and had to go. He did end up in a great home though I didn’t want him to go; but, there was an ultimatum and I am expressly forbidden from taking in any further stray animals. We did have a sweet little lost doggie stay with us for about a week, though, last year. Rules were made to be broken.

Anyhoo, Skinny White Boy had a great personality and was a very people friendly cat, so we had to immortalize him on the Infinite Cat Project. Thanks for the memories.