My cat is deathly afraid of my Mountain Dew MDX

Because I’m the best son in the world, I just went to the grocery store to get my dad his father’s day gift. While I was there, I decided I’d go ahead and get an energy drink, because I don’t really feel like making coffee at this hour, and I have no desire to sleep for a few hours, even though I was feeling kind of sleepy. So I got a Mountain Dew MDX (tastes pretty good…heavily sugary. None of the bite that’s usually associated with energy drinks though).

So I come home, and sit in front of my computer, and which is Kitty 's cue to come jump into my lap. Except when she came over to do so, I was opening said drink, which prompted her to scurry off like a bat out of hell. It should be noted that this isn’t unusual. She’s probably the archetypal scardy cat. I thought nothing of it, assuming it was the hissing of the bottle when it opened. A few minutes go by, and she eventually gets the nerves to jump in my lap again. I pet her a bit, then reach for my drink. As soon as I pick it up, she freaks out, and jumps out of my lap, and kind of stares at me for a moment, as if thinking “What the hell do you have and why does it want to kill me!” I look back, kind of baffled. Then I show the drink to her, and kind of wiggle it around. She takes off running

Maybe she just doesn’t like green?

On a whim, showed it to my other cat. He was very bored by it.

However, Kitty happend to take another glance at it, and once again ran off.

Cats are so weird.

Animals seem to be able to find weird and seemingly random things to be afraid of.

My cat freaks out big time when I do the washing up and runs away to hide if she hears a particular nightly news show’s theme music. :dubious: :rolleyes: :smiley:

She ignores catnip but has ecstatic contortions if you bring a balloon into the same room as her.

Cats. We need a :dismissive shrug smilie .

Kitty kryptonite. What else could it be?

One of my cats is deathly afraid of plastic bags. There is, at least, a plausable explanation for that however. She had once been sniffing around one that was underneath a table. In doing so, she had managed to crawl through halfway through one of the handles. At that point, something had spooked her and she took off – with the bag still caught around her midsection. Her flight caused the bag to make it usual crackling sound as it flailed in the wind. This only served to heighten her sense of panic as she attempted to outrun the evil sack, which she was thoroughly failing to do. That only made her run faster and more erractically as she tore right the hell around the living room in the belief that her deft manoevers should surely throw the offending bag off her trail. No such luck, however; it still billowed out behind her like the yawning, toothless mouth of a razor-thin polyethylene beast. The wife and I tried to intercept her to grab the creature, but it took several passes before we managed to get a grasp and watch her sail the rest of the way through the handle. Having finally shaken the bag she tore off and hid under the bed for several hours.

It took us about that long to stop laughing.

Simple. The first time she saw it, it made a hissing noise. We know that hissing is a cuss word in Cat. She is just remembering that thing hissses.

My cat Skippy is afraid of brooms, mops, virtually anything with a long pole-like handle because the Swiffer makes a hissing sound and so, by extension, everything that looks like a Swiffer is dangerous.

Used to have a dog that barked at Vernors Ginger ale. The bubbles must have tickled his nose . Try that out on your cat.