Memo to My Cat - Pepsi Blue is Not for You!

My cat Dawn has developed a fetish for Pepsi Blue. :eek:

When we first started drinking it she would sit and stare at our cups the whole time there was drink in them. Then she progressed to sitting next to the cup and staring into it.

Now we have to watch her very carefully because she keeps trying to drink it. Very strange because she’s not interested in other types of beverage.

Sounds like she has a bit of a sweet-tooth, leechbabe. :slight_smile:

I caught little Piper trying to eat my mom’s goldfish crackers earlier today.

Yeah she does have a sweet tooth, although I did catch her trying to eat a chili last week - she hasn’t done that again!

But not actual gold fish Guinastasia? Suppose crackers are easier to catch and have the added benefit of not getting your paws wet :slight_smile:

When I was 7, I was eating a box of Bugles on the stoop. The neighbors cat came by, and I started feeding it the Bugles. I think we cleared half the box together.

We don’t have actual fish.

I knew a guy that had a cat who once tasted hot wings. She only did that once, though.

My cat Buster, will eat virtually anything. baked potatoes, brocoli, even dryer lint! (dumb kitty :p) he is also partial to wine. If my mom leaves her glass of wine on the table and leaves, he’ll start lapping it up.

My oldest cat loves Pop-Tarts. The cinnamon ones are his favorite, and he can apparently take or leave the frosting. It’s kind of funny - he predates the children, so he remembers their tail-pulling years and avoids them, but all they have to do is get a Pop-Tart and he’ll come sit on their laps…expectantly.

The kitty crew I used to live with had fairly pedestrian tastes. One liked bits of potato chip – possibly because of the salt. Another would look longingly at a plate of freshly baked orange or lemon madeira cup cakes straight out of the oven, until we relented and gave him a small piece. We were lucky they didn’t really get fat!

My nine month old black kitty has developed a taste for iced tea. She keeps sticking her entire face in my glass. She seems to enjoy popcorn too. Partly to eat and partly to bat around on the floor.

I can’t believe a cat likes soda. Weird.

My cats have always had one thing that drove them wild. With one is was avacado. With another it was green olives. With another it was graham crackers. I haven’t yet discovered what the “one thing” is for my latest cat, even though we’ve had him three years.

Leechbabe said, "But not actual gold fish Guinastasia? Suppose crackers are easier to catch and have the added benefit of not getting your paws wet "

My husband, his friend, and my son all ate REAL GOLDFISH! My son won them at a carnival. The two older guys stuck their hand into the bucket and grabbed one each and swallowed. My son, in an early effort to be manly, tossed one in his mouth, too. However, he couldn’t get it all the way down. Too wiggly, I guess.

We had a goat that loved rum. I grew to really dislike the damn animal. It would get feeling frisky and seek the highest ground. That was always the top of the cab of our F250 pick-up. We got it to clear out the underbrush but it only ate azaleas.

I hope it got a hangover.

My puppy likes bubbles from bubble baths. if she doesn’t get in with you to lap them up, she waits for you to get out so she can lick them off your leg. I kinda like it. Does that make me wierd?

My cat ignores human food completely, except tuna (of course) and moose. He doesn’t bother with beef, chicken, pork, deer, elk, or antelope, but he’ll climb your arm to get at a piece of moose steak. I get this mental picture of hundreds of domestic shorthairs gathering in a pack and slipping through the night, stalking a lone moose.

Our dog would ignore everything but water or Jack Daniel’s and Coke. If you had one of those you had to keep your glass where she couldn’t reach it.

“I need something to wash down the awful taste of that klau kalash”

“Pepsi Blue or crab juice?”

“Eww! Give me a crab juice.”

My cat, who lived to be 16, had a fetish for Vaseline. If I put it on my legs, he come lick it off. God help me if I left the lid off the jar! Never had a problem giving him castor oil, either, which helps with fur balls.

I sure miss ole Roscoe.

My cat will eat absolutely anything that isn’t nailed down, whether it’s food or not. Last week, I knew she had been eating newspaper again due to the piece I could see hanging out of her butt.

If I leave a glass of water/juice/wine/soda where she can find it, she will shower in it. She dips her paws into it and flicks it all around until she is soaked, and there’s a puddle on the table (a puddle of the fluid from the glass, not a puddle of her own “cat juice”).

My old dog went absolutely nuts for fresh peas. Whenever we would pick them from the garden, she’d hang around waiting for us to shell them for her. If you didn’t give her any, she’d get very upset.

Luckily she never developed a taste for the pods or she’d have eaten them right off the plant.

We also had a cat that ate tinsel… once.