My cat is eating a houseplant!

I recently received a croton as a get-well gift. This morning at breakfast, I noticed that several of the leaves looked like they had been cut off. The only explanation for this seems to be that my relatively new kitty has been having a nibble. Will this plant harm her? She isn’t doing anything odd (for her, anyways) and isn’t sick. Anyone have knowledge of this?

I googled “list plants poisonous to cats” - got

The site says that croton is poisonous to cats.

Thanks missbunny ! That plant is going in the trash now ! I’m not much of a houseplant person, anyway.

Oh, poor plant . . . can’t you just move it somewhere safe? Or would your kitty do that kitty thing and FIND IT no matter where it is hidden???

You could just teach your cat not to chew on houseplants, at the same time you’re teaching it not to jump on the kitchen counter, etc. (Hint: the technique involves a water pistol or spray bottle.)

It’s poisonous to the cat. I assume that the OP has to go to work and do things other than guard the plant with a water bottle all day.

You might want to buy some pet grass for your kitty to nibble on. You should be able to find it at your pet supply store, or at the grocery store or Target.

Do you have a balcony? We keep our plants there so the cats won’t get them.

I have a bunch of my plants hanging where the cats can’t get at them. Especially the spider plant. It isn’t poisonous to them - quite the opposite, in fact. They enjoy it way too much. I have another bunch of plants down where they can eat them - they just don’t care for them. When I bring a new plant in, I cat-test it first - if they go straight over and start chowing down, it’s a hanging plant.

I thought that’s what catnip was.

Oh, you mean “grass” as in “lawn”…


You can get live catnip plants for cats, too. Our Katya is a total nip-head, and tried to roll in the catnip plant when we brought it home. We figured it wouldn’t last half an hour with her around. We now keep it on the balcony and occasionally snip off a few leaves for her to chew on.

I tried the pet grass for my cats, and they nibbled on the green stuff for a while, and then dug all the nice smelly dirt out of it and rolled in it. If you are going to give something like that to your cat, make sure it’s on a surface you can clean up easily.

Oh yeah, I once got some for one of my former cats. He ate some, then dug it up, then rolled around in it, then peed in it, then vomited.

Thanks for all the advice, but the plant is GONE. When it was given to me, I said “Thank you”, but thought “Oh Og, another one to kill!”. I have a brown thumb. I looked at the kitty grass at the pet store, but I suspect my Basset Hound will find it, eat it, and puke it up inside the house. Kee-Kee will just have to do without. Poor Kee-Kee! :slight_smile: She has catnip toys and a catfishing pole to keep her busy.