What plants will your cats not eat?

I realize that there are plants that will kill your cat - those live at the office. Otherwise, I’ve given up on having plants for ages because my cats eat them and knock them down. But we’re cleaning up and getting organized and damn it, I like plants. (And I was reading that “why do people like plants” thread, which is weird.) So what, in your experience, will your cats not trash?

I’m kind of considering hanging some, but with our ceilings it would be difficult. However, I once had a spiny-ass lemon tree that they didn’t eat… they knocked it over instead and broke its pot.

The only plant my cat didn’t destroy was a rosemary plant. Not particularly decorative, I know, but I was growing it for cooking purposes. He took a bite occasionally, but didn’t really seem to like the taste.

All other indoor plants he destroyed. Begonias, bamboo, even a cactus (part of which he then proceeded to place in the toe of my slipper during the night). He was also a champion pot smasher. He would knock them down doing his crazy cat run-over-all-the-furniture routine.

My neighbors gave me a zebra plant for Christmas, so we’ll see how it goes after several years of no indoor plants. I placed it on a stand that he can’t easily jump on and so far he hasn’t tried to eat it.

My cats left oregano alone.

All of them. They’re taught from a very young age that they’re not supposed to fuck with the (large number of) houseplants chez twicks.

Now if I could just get them – well, Jez in particular – to take the “stay off the kitchen counter” rule that seriously.

Tikva is afraid of catnip.

Yes, she’s a bit weird, my kitty.

I have been very successful with Jade plants and Sanseveria (aka snake plant or Mother-In-Laws tongue). Both have thicker leaves. They do show tooth marks, but not badly enough to get rid of the plant.

When I was young out Tuxedo Cat used to bother plants until one day it found aloe vera. Now I know that’s suppposed to be poisonous to cats, but she ate it. Well she sucked the jucie is more like it. She seemed to love to stick her fangs into the fleshy part.

Once she found aloe she left everything else alone, so if aloe is bad for kitties, it didn’t bother her enough to quit sucking on it. She fanged the plant everyday for 10 years

My cat was an indoor/outdoor cat so I think there wasn’t too much incentive to play with the house plants when she had a whole veggie garden and flower garden outside to hide and play in

I wish I could say “artificial”.

But no.

My cats won’t eat catnip. Apparantly it’s a genetic thing, where they either like it or they don’t. Could always try growing that :smiley:

Different cats eat different plants. But they all like to nibble on spider plants and ferns. And anything that has dead, crunchy leaves.

But are they indifferent or apathetic? Tikva is quite alarmed by that strong smell coming from the box (maybe she does have some sort of reaction to it) and she sniffs briefly, then pulls violently away. It would be interesting to see if other cats were like that.