My cat is in the clink...

Yep, he’s in the Oakland “kitty jail”… His crime? Having balls.

So, we went to adopt a cat today, and we totally fell in love with Oscar, a 2 yr old domestic short/medium hair tabby, probably a Maine Coon mix. Total sweetie, but not yet neutered. Only after we decide to adopt him and fill out all the paperwork are we told that we can’t take him home until after he’s fixed, and by the way, that won’t be until the day after Labor Day! We tried to arrange for our vet to do it quicker, but she’s out of town and couldn’t do it until two weeks from now.

Thus, we have a kitty in the city jail, who won’t be paroled for 10 days! Sigh, should have known better than to go to Oakland. Nuttin’ but a bunch of criminals there, including the cats. :stuck_out_tongue: He’s even being guarded by a police officer! (They run the animal services department.)

Sorry, but we didn’t get any “mug shots” so this will unfortunately be a kitty thread without the kitty pics! Maybe we’ll be able to get some during “visiting hours” next week.

Be sure to take some catnip along that he can trade for “protection” in the joint.

Put some catnip INSIDE a worn, unlaundered Tshirt and tie it up. Kitty will associate the smell of the Tshirt with the catnip, and have warm fuzzy feelings about you before he’s out of the clink.