My cat likes the Teletubbies

I couldn’t begin to explain why, or why I even had that show on in the first place, but she loves that show. She stares at it contently, much like a little kid would.

I hope like a proud parent that someday she turn to me and say, “Uhh Ohhhhh!”.

What show does your pet like?

Misty has to come in the bathroom if someone’s taking a shower or a bath. When I’m in the shower, she’ll sit on the back of the toilet and purr and if I stick my head out, she’ll kiss my nose. Then, when I get out, she walks around and cries for attention. She’s so weird.

I don’t watch TV much, but whenever I do, I have at least one cat intently watching the screen. If I’m watching a movie from the couch (I usually treadmill) I’ll have both of them on my lap, watching the show with me.

My Lhaso Apso was entraced when I was watching the Westminster Dogshow. She sat there eyeing each dog. When they were let go to run around the ring with there owners, she would start barking/growling. I think this a sign of lesser intelligence.

That is one queer cat.

It’s a religous belief and God will back me up on that.

That cat is damned.

My kitty likes to watch most anything on the TV. She prefers Nature but I have seen her sit there and watch COPS with great interest though.

I agree with Phobia. Kill the cat. Now. It is evil.

Hey, hey, HEY! Phobia and UncleBill – you leave cats ALONE!

If you guys are referring to the Teletubbie cat – hey, maybe they’re just like technicolour rodents to the feline mind, ya ever thought o’ that? Sheesh!

Both my cats watch TV with me. I think they follow the motion.


We noticed our Fuzzy Black Land Shark would occasionally get caught up in nature shows, particularly ones that had lots of small things moving around quickly: fish, birds, bugs, etc.

So we got him Video Catnip. Big hit. He’ll sit in front of the TV for, well, for as long as we’ve been willing to put up with it. (The tape is rather dull for humans.) He hasn’t actually attacked the TV yet, but that may have more to do with the fact that it’s three feet off the ground in a cabinet.

If you have active hunter kitties, we highly recommend it.

Just look at my link below, that is my beast. But Teletubbies are spawns of Hell, and need extreme action.

Reverand Farwell is the source and inspiration. I probaly spelled his name wrong. I hate the guy. Tinky Winky is gay, because of the shape of the thing on his head. All though I truely hate the Teletubbies. The minister is a total idiot.

Is she retatrded, this cat?

My border collie enjoys golf and baseball. She has recently made a habbit of waiting until the ball is hit, then running around the room frantically looking for it.

On a side note, my cat firmly believes the red laser pointer dot is evil and makes a point of chasing it all over the floor and clawing the carpet to shreds when she catches it.

Making her first post, one step at a time.

May I be the first to welcome you? Find CruchyFrog and bite him.

Well of course she’s retarded- she’s a cat!

But at least she can spell…
Twenty minutes to Teletubbies!

This is very weird, we had a cat named Misty that had to watch people shower, but she sat on the side of the tub and not on the toilet (can’t see the tub from the toilet). I checked the picture pages to make sure you aren’t the woman we gave her to.

BTW, you are cute!

Well, it’s official… she’s hooked! I watched it with her again the other day and she really seems to like it. I can’t explain it, or know what’s going on it that cat brain of hers, but she just stares away at the screen as if it all makes sense.

But the horror upon horrors is… well… uh… I’m kinda in to it myself. It’s intriguing. I know… I know… what’s wrong with me? you ask. I don’t know! It’s just so bizarre, it’s interesting. The odd characters, the trippy colors, the televisions in their bellies, the… rabbits, It’s all so… cool.

I really wish I had seen this show back when I was heavily experimenting with… :: hmmm. This is MPSIMS? Got it ::.

I wish I had seen this show back when I was studying in college. Yeah, that’s it- studying at college. I know I’d find deeper meaning in this show back then.

Anyhoo, Cervaise, thanks for that link, with a screen-shot like this, I just had to order.


Telly Tubbies are space aliens out to take over the world through mind control. They have not been here long enough to know if the dominant species are humans or house cats, so they go after both. Come to think of it, I’m not so sure about who has the upper hand myself.

I once lived in an area where it was unsafe to let my little guy go outside, so to help him deal with the boredom, I purchased a video for him: “The Cat Show.”

It was squirrel and small bird action shots, and truly delighted my cat, who otherwise was not into TV.