My cat locked me in my bathroom today.

My cat Goblin likes to open drawers and cabinets. One day I came home and every cabinet in the kitchen was open, along with the oven door. So I put child proof locks on all the floor-level cabinets in my home.

Today, when I was in the shower with the bathroom door closed, I couldn’t open the door when I got out. He had opened the vanity drawer just outside the bathroom door several inches. I could open the door less than an inch - not enough to stick my fingers, much less my hand, through the crack to move the drawer back into place.

Did I mention that I’m slightly claustrophic? And that I was on the edge of a migraine to begin with?

I had a couple of things in the bathroom I thought I might be able to use to slide the drawer back into place, but nothing worked. The drawer isn’t on the track very well, and pulls out at a slight angle, and has a habit of falling out if I pulled it out too far, so I proceeded to beat on the drawer with the door, opening it a little further with each successsive whack. Eventually the damn thing fell out, and I was able to escape.

Fucking cat.

Uhhhh, porcupine : Better think a better one than that up for that appointment you missed…


I’ll be there shortly. Hang on. Of course, I’ll hafta kick in the front door when I get there, but no matter, you have other doors.

I told you cats are evil! Good for you, porc, you have averted stage one of their nefarious plan for world domination. Now they’ll just stay cats, instead of evil, allergy-inducing overlords.

Geez, Unc, you shouldn’t have to kick in the front door!

I mean, what’s the fun of having firearms if you can’t blow out the lock when this sorta thing happens? :smiley:

Actually, I had to call a friend I was meeting for lunch and say “I’m running a little late; my cat locked me in my bathroom.” I figured I’d save the actual story for lunch, since both she and the other friend I was meeting are cat people and would get a kick out of it.

porcupine, I’m sorry, but that little story just made my day. I literally laughed out loud. Hopefully, you will be amused as time passes.

I once knew a dog who locked himself in a car, but this beats all.

Damn critters. Ya gotta love 'em.

still giggling,

Porcupine - Sounds like retribution to me. How many times have we humans locked our pets in the bathroom or bedroom when company came over, or when we had to do something like move a piano and not want the critter underfoot?

My cat defrosted the freezer once. I had to cook 15 chicken breasts that had thawed. (The bastard!)

What a good kitty.

It at least locked you in a room with pleanty of water and a litter box.

Hee hee hee! :slight_smile:

How about this dog who locked himself in the bathroom and caused tens of thusands of dollars worth of damages?

Don’t leave the bathroom door open!!!

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First time a thread title ever made me laugh. I didn’t even need to hear the story, the title was funny enough!

You and me, both, monster. The title itself cracked me up.

After catching my breath and wiping away the tears, I realized I just had to hear the whole story.

still giggling,

Wow Lisa Ann, that reminds me…

My So’s dog (before I moved in with them) locked himself in the bathroom once. He liked to go into the bathroom and he’d try to ‘den up’ behind the bathroom door, often forcing it closed - with the dog inside. One time he panicked at locking himself in, and in his frenzied state he turned on the hot water tap! Full blast even. My SO was at work, and when he came home there was the poor scared dog - and a couple inches of still-warm water on the bathroom floor. Everything was soaking wet, there were scratches (deep!) on the door and even on the screened window which is over the tub and about 5.5’-6’ high. It got so steamy in the bathroom the wallpaper started peeling off. We recently finished remodeling that bathroom, and yes, we had to replace the whole subfloor. Yikes. The rule now is: no dogs in the bathrooms, or any other rooms where they can accidentally shut themselves into.

Geeze you take all the fun out of rescuing a damsel in distress.

My cat (the same one, the little bastard) has done this at least twice that I can remember. And both times it was the day after I went grocery shopping and had a full freezer.

My kitchen cabinets are the type that have about a foot of space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. A perfect spot for a cat. Presumably, he used to jump from the counter to the top of the fridge to the top of the cabinet, using the edge of the freezer door for leverage as he made the final jump, and consequently popping the door open.

Solution: Tying bungee cord around the freezer door, with magnet clips to hold the cord in place when it wasn’t tied. And very attractive as well. It hasn’t happened with the new fridge for some reason. Yet.

My other cat (this one’s sibling) is a klutz and doesn’t do much climbing. He just enjoys expressing his anal glands every so often, sometimes in my direction. Lovely.

Bastards. Somebody oughtta cut their balls off or something. Whoops… Too late.

Homer calling work: You heard me, I won’t be in for the rest of the week. … I told you! My cat locked me in my bathroom … No, it is not the worst excuse I ever thought up.