My cats chin goop.

Yes, I have been to a vet. Recently my cats and I have made a cross country trip from Oregon to Missouri. Since we got here, one of my cats has been developing serious chin goop. Initially, I suspected acne. At first I began washing his chin, but when that didn’t work I took him to the vet. This is a new vet, so I don’t have any idea of how good he is. He seems a bit wishy washy. The vet gave me Pyoben Gel. I have been applying this stuff to his chin for a week and a half, but the goop still forms on his chin. He is losing his hair. The Pyoben Gel may be helping a little bit, but it is not really correcting the problem.

In my opinion, this doesn’t look so much like kitty acne, as much as it looks like eczema.

Should I try a different vet? Should I take him back to the same vet? Is this the best that can be done for my cat?

If you don’t like the vet, try a different one.

My dogs shared a mouth goop issue a few years ago and the vet suggested we get rid of plastic bowls and dishes due to any bacteria being impossible to remove. I found some nice stainless for food and water and the goop went away.

I must admit, this bump is mostly because I see that vetbridge is posting right now. It seems that the cream (Pyoben Gel) has helped somewhat, but it isn’t perfect. It really looks more like eczema Anyway, BUMB!