My cat's favorite toy

My cat Schrodie has a very unusual favorite toy. Well, actually, it is his only toy, unless you want to count his sister’s tail. He loves, of all things, a basting brush. He stole it from my mom when she was making dinner once, and proceeded to have the greatest time with it. We have since bought him several more. He grabs them in his teeth and throws them around, he hides them under rugs, he puts them on beds and then pounces on them, but most of all, he fetches them. Just sit in a chair and throw it down the hallway, and he’ll go running, pick it up, and drop it at your feet. Certainly a cheap and easy way to entertain a pet.

Just thought I’d share.

Oops! This was supposed to be in MPSIMS. Okay, let’s make this a legitimate IMHO topic: what’s your pet’s favorite toy?

My pet is a dog.
My dog is a dalmatian.
My dalmation is insane.
He is insane because he will maul everything and anything spotted.
When he gets tired of his own nice expensive durable toys, he goes into my room (provided I leave the door open which I know I should not do in the first place, so no, he does not get punished much for this) and finds one of my dalmatian stuffed animals…even if it’s stashed in a closet or on a high shelf. He goes right by my other stuffed toys, though…Anyway, he comes romping out with one of the dal toys in his mouth, waving it in the air like its the greatest thing…and I cannot resist the temptation to express here how cute this is…:):stuck_out_tongue:
He does the same thing with large balls. He doesn’t like basketballs or anything of that size except soccer balls.

Yes I know this sounds so fakey but I invite anyone who doesn’t believe me to see our Sacred Chewtoy Graveyard™ which includes to date 4 dalmation stuffed animals and countless soccer balls.

I used to buy my cats expensive toys. But the absolute favoritest toys they play with are old shoestrings. They’ll tear those things up playing with them. My first cat loved playing with twist ties (like off loaves of bread)…he would bat at and chase those things FOREVER if you let him…funny thing is my cat’s now don’t dig playing with those. But my little cat likes to play with metal bottlecaps the same way. It gets annoying at night to hear “tinkety tink-tink, tinky tinkety tinkety”. But he’s so happy and cute that I let him do it. :wink:


my favorite toy is the computer…

barring that, mice are pretty fun too :smiley:

We give our cats heaps of toys, but she doesn’t like any of them as much as she likes the ones she steals.

Her favourite for a few weeks was a knitting needle that she stole from my sewing basket. :::boggle:::

Ummm… let me rewrite…

We give our cats heaps of toys, but Muffin doesn’t like any of them as well as she loves the ones she steals…

That makes a little more sense, I hope :slight_smile:

Our cat goes nuts for a small piece of paper crumpled into a ball. If anything makes a crinkly noise, she immediately perks and will dash in to investigate. It’s the one way to consistently lure her into your lap. You can fake her out by crumpling something up, and then miming like you’re throwing it across the room. She’ll sprint in that direction, then look at you reproachfully if nothing lands. If she has a ball of paper to bat around, it’ll occupy her for hours, and she’ll stash it somewhere, then turn up with it at three in the morning, rampaging around the bedroom.

Handcrafted bamboo ball: $6.30
Motorized mouse: $15.79
Elaborate scratching post and play center: $49.95
Receipt from the pet store: Priceless.

Livestock, the youngest, loves this ball in a gutter thing we got one of the other cats when he was younger(he completely ignored it). She also loves playing with rolls of toilet paper that aren’t on the roller yet. We literally had to move the unused rolls out of the pantry and had to put them in a cabinet which she could not open without evolving opposable thumbs.

Spam, the middle cat, and Honey, the oldest, like this feather on a stick toy especially when we are…well, doing our business in the bathroom.

One of us will be sitting on the comode and the cats will lie in wait at the bottom of the bathtub. It is the human’s responsibility to take the feather on a stick and peek it over the edge of the tub. It is the cat’s responsibility to attack the feather repeatedly until the human leaves. It has become a cat event when a human goes to the bathroom in our house. It has become so bad that we have to warn guests about it if they are going to use the bathroom.

However, the overall favorite toy of all three is an empty paper bag.


A ping pong ball is a favorite with our two kittens. So is a crumpled paper ball and a plastic grocery bag.

One of them has a small stuffed frog, that used to be the center of a bath soapy scrubby thingy, and she carries it around a lot–it’s adorable. I think some of the time she’s playing that it’s her kitten but most of the time it is prey.

We have three cats, Frisco, Denver, and Annie. As far as regular cat toys go, they have small stuffed animals that can be “recharged” with catnip. They like these toys, but don’t restrict themselves to them.

If Frisco plays with anything else, it is generally an old shoe lace. Not much interesting there.

But the other two! Denver’s favourite is a bobby pin. When my wife is getting ready for work, he will actually stand near her and stand on his hind legs, trying to reach the pins on the counter. She will always give him one, and he will spend the next while batting it around the tile floor in the hall, usually until it disappears under the mat–we find plenty of bobby pins under the mat. We used to worry about him trying to eat the bobby pin and choking, but no, he just bats it around and watches it skitter across the floor.

And Annie and Denver both like the bathtub plug. It is not on a chain in the tub, so they can take it anywhere–and they do. We’ve come home to find the plug in the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen. And occasionally, we also find it in the bathroom.