Weird things your pets do/have done

(I looked at MSPISM threads from the beginning of the year, onward, and didn’t find the topic, so here it is…)

I have a female Scotty dog, Mackie, who loves to go in the shower/bath after we’re done with it and lap up all remaining water. She’ll whine if she’s not allowed to.

I had another Scotty, Fergus, who once barked viciously in his sleep (BOW-WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW!!!), woke himself up, whereupon he went tearing around the apartment, growling, trying to find that damned dog he just heard barking. When he didn’t find it (obviously), he spent the next two hours har-umphing and growling at every sound.

And they all, including the basset hound Shelby, love(d) to root out rabbit crap. YUM!

Had a cat named Tabitha who would carefully slit open the bottom hem of the translucent curtain in the bedroom (that trailed to the floor), then place her cat toys inside the hem - so that she could bat them around all day without them ending up unreachably under the bed.

One smart cookie, that cat.

Barks at Brian the dog on Family Guy.

My dog back kicks or donkey kicks one leg. If he is frustrated with me, he goes to get one of my shoes or slippies and puts it in front of me then just back kicks it with one leg repeatedly. Sometimes he’ll just backkick whatever object is closest on the floor like a bone of his. The best is when he kicks other dogs. You know he’s about to do it when he starts backin’ that ass up on his best friend Milo, a boston terrier. Milo usually can catch his hind leg in his mouth though. Its awesome.

I have a crazy cat that takes his small fuzzy mouse toys (and ONLY those toys) into the litterbox and buries them! I suppose I should stop buying small fuzzy mouse toys.

My boy cat will have an absolute FIT if we shut him out of our 1 year old’s room during bedtime preparations. He has to come in, lay on the floor during his story and song, and must stay in there until he knows the kid is asleep.

It’s pretty cute.

My cat Rex likes to sleep in my closet, but he doesn’t like that the floor is covered in hard, yucky shoes. So he pulls all my dresses down off their hangers to make a nice, soft bed. He always pulls down the velvet dress last. Kitty likes to lounge in luxury. This may also be why the (velvet) curtain in the kitchen doorway is his sworn enemy. He tears it down and wrestles it into submission at least twice a week, then lounges atop the twisted carcass looking victorious.

Rex is also known to wander into empty rooms, and then meow and chirp forlornly until someone calls out to him to reassure him that it’s okay, we’re just next door, we didn’t disappear.

Rex doesn’t like a dirty litterbox, so he will look for new and creative ways to not step down inside while doing his business. The funniest was when I caught him standing on the sides of the box with his back paws, and he was upright against the wall, with his front paws stretched out, like he was being frisked by the cops.

When we stayed with my parents for awhile, Rex became fascinated with my mother’s antique china cupboard. He learned how to open the latch on the bottom cupboard, and he would go inside and sit carefully amongst the dishes. If caught, he would rocket out of there like a missile, and everything in the cabinet rattled. So I jammed the door shut, so he couldn’t open it. That night, I came upstairs for my midnight glass of water, and I heard rattling in the living room but dismissed it. The same happened the next night. And the next night. So I finally went to inspect to find out what the rattling was. I found out that Rex had a midnight date with Mom’s china cupboard. He was trying to break in under cover of darkness.

Rex is a very strange (but adorable) cat.

When our cat was just a few months old he demanded to play fetch with his fuzzy mouse toy. Not only would he bring it right back after I threw it, he’d actually initiate the game himself, bringing it to me wherever I was in the house. He’d drop it in our bed early in the morning. He’d follow me around the house with it and drop it by my feet, looking up expectantly at me. I didn’t dare ignore him either…

Once I was reading the paper at the kitchen table and the little shit slashed me in the foot. Sure enough, fuzzy mouse was under there: pay attention, dammit, and throw my mousie!

Then he got old enough to catch his first real mouse and since then completely lost interest.

One of the two kittens we have gets very needy in the middle of the night–which isn’t all that unusual. What makes him weird is that first he headbutts me, then he finds an opening in the covers so he can slither underneath, and THEN he sort of swims all over my body.

That’s really the only way I can describe what he does because he’s not walking upright and he’s not really crawling. He’ll finally get settled and then find an open patch of skin to lick-lick-lick-BITE.

If I wake up enough, I will preemptively pet him so he doesn’t get to the lick/bite stage. And yes, he’s learning very slowly that biting gets him a quick trip to the floor.

My cat loves to be beaten.

As soon as I finish drinking from a plastic water or soda bottle, my cat will be all over me, waiting for me to start whacking her soundly with the empty bottle. She rolls around, purring like a diesel engine. My friends are both disgusted and fascinated by this.

She looks like such a sweet kitty-baby. She’s like that librarian who goes home and turns into a leather-clad Mistress of Pain.

Before I nipped this “problem,” Dolly used to sneak into the tub when no one was looking then scratch scratch scratch at the drain until the hair catcher thing popped out. Then she’d run around the house with the hair catcher hidden in her mouth until someone caught her.

It was hilarious for a while, until I realized she was probably going to swallow the hair catcher one day. I still think about it and laugh :slight_smile:

Tulip needs a hall pass to go in or out. She must have something in her mouth to go through the door. I’ve learned to let her keep a small pile of debris on either side so she doesn’t grab more important items.

Our cat Zagnut uses her back feet to scratch the top of her head. She curls in a ball and bunny kicks her feet on the top of her head. I have no idea why she does this but it is funny as hell to watch.

Our cat Beastie Bear likes to be swept with the broom. When I start to sweep the floor he will come over and want you to brush his back with the bottom of the broom. If you don’t and try to move him away he will attack the broom and ROWL at you. He will sometimes attack your feet or ankles as well. So we just “sweep” him a couple times until he is happy and walks away.

He also likes empty beer boxes. He sticks his front feet and head in them and digs at the bottom or back of the box. He will end up scoooting the box all over the kitchen floor. Weird. When he is done playing with it he will sit inside or sleep inside. I am shocked he can even get in the thing all the way much less sleep in it.

He perchs in strange places, he sleeps funny well he is just plain weird

I am sure the cat owners can recongnize the superior expression he has on his face.

My Bichon Ernie bites his toenails. It’s also hilarious to watch this little ten pound dog try to hump Lucy, the Lab, who weighs 55 pounds and is about 3 times taller. Sometimes he gets turned around and humps her head when she’s lying on the floor. :smiley: She gets slightly annoyed and flips him about 2 feet away. He comes right back!

Our Emily, all 6-1/2 pounds of her, is extremely demanding. When I don’t come to bed early enough for her, she takes it out by going to Papa Tiger’s nightstand – never mine, always his – and knocking everything on it off onto the floor. It’s very deliberate; sometimes she’ll wait till he comes in the room and then proceed to do it in front of him. “Oh, so she’s not here?” <swat> “Well, why isn’t she, huh?” <swat>

Our dog Kelsi barks at me when I pull my hair into a ponytail. I guess she doesn’t think it’s a good look for a man.


Beastie totally needs to be LOLcat-ized!

Was about to say the same thing. Those pics are just screaming out to be turned into macros. :slight_smile:

My bf’s family cats aren’t that weird, but Sniffy is neurotic. He’s petrified of everyone except his mama - unless you’re in the bathroom using the toilet, whereupon he turns into a little petting whore.
Elvis goes insane about eating moths. Can’t get enough of 'em.

My in-laws had an Irish Setter, Ryan. I know that setters have the reputation of being dumber than a box of rocks, and generally it’s true, but Ryan was a genius. He didn’t want my MIL to leave the house so he would hide one of each of her shoes. Never the pair, just one, so she didn’t have a matching pair. He would stuff the shoes under pillows or under the couch. A person would go to bed at night and get clunked in the head with a shoe that was hiding under their pillow.

Every year he would get a Christmas present that he would open with everyone else. He would hold it with his front paws and gently rip the paper off. One year they forgot to get him a present. He watched everyone open their gifts and looked very depressed when he didn’t get one. When everyone was finished, he went down to the basement and came back upstairs with the present that he was give the previous Christmas! He lay on the floor with it between his front paws, sighing and giving mournful looks to everyone.

My wife used to say that he was the most intelligent of her brothers.

Our basset hound, Daisy, is very sweet but kind of stupid. She always thinks that her reflection is another dog. By reflection, this can be in windows, glass doors, even the front glass panel on the entertainment center.

She is pretty submissive so she will just keep giving the reflective object in question concerned looks and really low-volume "woof"s.

She does this ALL THE TIME. Like almost daily. I will even go and open the door or the entertainment center, but it doesn’t help. She is convinced that the “other nasty dog” as I call it is there. There is no convincing her. It will unsettle her all evening.

She is also easily startled by us. Once she started doing the same thing whenever my sister turned around. She was frightened of the back of her head in a pony-tail. She’d turn around and face the dog - all fine. Turn around - worried dog woofing. Repeat 20 times.

She also loves, loves, loves squeaky toys. There is one that makes her go bananas - it is a little hot dog. She will chew on it over and over, squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak and then she’ll start whining and crying like she’s badly hurt. Then she’ll start biting the toy again. squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak long soulful whine Repeat until you want to scream.

She loses the hot dog all the time under the couch. It’s really hilarious to watch a basset hound shimmy under the couch on her belly.

She is also terrified of me if I make monkey noises. Don’t ask how I discovered this. But if I look at her and start going “ooo-ooo-ooo-ook” like a chimp, she looks terrified and runs away and hides in her bed. She’s also very clingy, so now if I want her to leave me alone or something I have to act like a monkey to get her to go away.