Weird things your pets do/have done

Our cat, Sam, once caught a mouse, kept it alive, & then, when we opened the deep freeze in the garage, dropped it in the freezer.

I won’t be able to convince anyone of the veracity of this (and some will argue that I’m just projecting/anthropormorphizing, and I won’t argue back if you do), but my Black Lab Dickens (gone 11 years now) had a vocabulary of at least 100 words. One time he was being a real pain, and I just sighed, looked him straight in the eye, and said, “You know what you are Dickens? That’s right-you’re a real asshole!” At that precise moment he started giving me what seemed to be a very indignant bark, in a tone I’d never heard from him before, with the note held for c. 2 seconds or so in a sort of half-growl, repeated over and over, with a baleful glare out of the corner of his eye. To this day I am absolutely convinced he knew I was (mock) insulting him, and he simply responded back in kind as best he could. He always hated it whenever he wasn’t being treated as an complete equal in the family, this just being another example.

I’m not very good at these, but…

My cat carefully tore a hole in the cloth underneath the bottom part of my ensemble bed and used to hide in there, and drag herself around with her claws for fun. If we ever wanted to locate her, we’d look under there and and there she’d be like a little ceiling cat peeking out from under the bed.

At night, she’d go in and out of the open window all night, carefully picking up dead leaves and dropping them by the side of our bed while we slept. We’d step out of bed and hear a “crunch” - and the floor would be covered in leaves. She always meowed loudly for us to give her a pat for her generous gifts…

Very odd behaviour - never heard of another cat like her.

Savannah, Parallel Cat is genius! But if you really want to make it an official LOLcat, the standard font is Impact, white outlined in black. i r LOLcat aficionado :smiley:

My current cat, Lou, won’t eat from his dish unless I put fresh food in it as he watches me. He’ll sit and stare at a full dish as if to say “Garcon! Zeese food is not fresh!”

My old cat, Cat, would come all the way down the hall to my bedroom and wake me up in the middle of the night so I could go out to the kitchen and see if he had food in his dish. Unlike Lou, he would eat from a dish that had been filled earlier, but he wouldn’t risk there not being any food in the dish when he wanted some, so he always got a human to accompany him. Silly boy, I miss him.

My cat refuses to drink out of her water bowl. She’ll goto any lengths to find potplants that have been recently watered, dripping taps, etc. And even when she does resort to her water bowl - she will never lap it, instead she dips her paw in and then licks her paw. Its really quite cute.

This may not be weird, but…

Our cat came to the room and sat with us everyday during our evening family prayer. She will be silently sitting with us till paryer is over. Afterwards it is dinner time and she will walk to kitchen before everybody. This has been the trait of all the cats that we had at my parent’s place.

Every morning, cat woke up before my mother did and scratched at the door of her bedroom. to wake her up. no need of an alarm clock.

2 of our cats always sat next to the cow, when she was being milked in morning. They wanted the milk fist. This naturally infuriated the dog(who was leashed). so it was meaow,meaow… bark… bark… for 10 minutes every morning…
Ahhh… the sweet memories of growing up in a village… :slight_smile:

This was weird…

And our dogs invariably were fond of our neighbours’ chicken. But one dog that took the cake, caught the chicken , and started plucking the feathers out from it’s neck like a butcher would do in his shop. :eek: I found out in time to prevent the damage…

OMG I am laughing my ass off. That made my whole day! :smiley:

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I have seen the site but I do not have the imagination to come up with statements.

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My dog Queenie does this. I can expect every morning to go looking for one of my shoes or sandals. I can usually find them where she sleeps but not all the time. I have found them under her dog bed, under pillows, under beds, couches and once in the dirty clothes basket.

Once she took one of my slides and we could not find it for months. It escapes me now where we ended up finding it. It now dawns on me if she was moving it every once in a while to keep us from finding it since “we already looked there.”

My ex had a terrier, name of Mutt. Mutt was scared of water. But he had no idea of volume. She used to pick him up by his middle, and he’d hang there inert, like a box with a leg dangling off each corner. Then she’d move him until he was hanging over a glass of water she’d put on the floor, and he’d start swimming in mid-air. It was hilarious.

Not my pet obviously, but this is really bizarre.

Don’t do it, Skippy!!!

My Dear Departed Maddux (Little Miss Maddie-May, no dismay, is way too cutesie a name for a German bear hunting breed but that’s just what happened) did not let people in the house while they were wearing a hat, myself included. She would stand her ground and scare the shift out of everyone, myself included, until the offensive chapeau was removed. After that it was a return to all waggles and lickies.

Heh-heh. I have a bowl of mouse toys. One kitty will dig through it, tossing the non-favorite toys aside until she finds the one she wants.

My other kitty has a favorite that serves as her “dead kitten.” She walks around the house with it, crying and mourning, every day. Then she drops it and forgets about it until about the same time the next day. Weird.

I had a cat that would do this. Finally I figured out that she would be satisfied if I put my hand in the food bowl and tossed the old food around. the dry food noise was enough to convince her that new food was added.

Ralph was a orange tomcat of my childhood that could bend himself in half–head and front paws going one way, butt and back paws the other.

I have a male cat that also likes rough treatment. The harder you push him side to side the more he purrs and rubs against you. If you back off he comes at you for more. He also loves being rubbed by a straw broom. If I get that out he runs over and stretches out on the floor by me until I sweep over his entire body repeatedly.

Cats is weird.

One of my dogs, Brandy, likes to “bury” things.

He uses his nose to push his belongings into ingenious hiding places we will never discover (even if we’re watching him do it) such as behind bookshelves and under sofa seats. Occasionally, he will bury things with objects he sees lying around on the floor nearby. Just recently I caught him burying his water bowl with a paper bag that had fallen off the counter. My favourite example of this behaviour is the time I was watching a movie with my brother and Brandy turned up with a piece of stale bread (don’t ask me how he got his paws on that) and started burying it by pushing one of my brother’s socks on top of it with his nose.

Our little foundling mutt, Scruffy, “buries” her cookies. If she doesn’t feel like eating one, she’ll find a corner - whether the junction of 2 walls, or 1 wall and a piece of furniture - and she tucks the cookie in the corner, then rubs the side of her nose repeated across the carpet as if to push it over the cookie. And heaven help the big dog if she looks like she’s going to walk anywhere within a mile radius of the “buried” cookie - Scruffy will growl and bark and occasionally attack. As a point of reference, Bernie (big dog) is about 60# and Scruffy is all of 12# maybe.

One day, I noticed a couple of very wilted leaves from my pothos tucked in the corner of the dining room, with a bare pothos tendril dangling nearby. My first thought was that the stupid cat tried to eat them, and decided she didn’t like them. But when I picked up the leaves, there was a cookie beneath. Scruffy broke them off the plant and covered her treat.

And on rare occasions, like when they want to be fed, I’ll have the entire entourage (both dogs and the cat) follow me to the bathroom and watch me complete my business, as if to encourage me to finish up and serve them, dammit!! Only in the evening, tho, when they get their wet food.

What do people without critters do for entertainment??

They read threads like this :smiley:

When Kid Kalhoun was a wee sprout, he was cruisin’ along with a Zwiebak cookie and the dog was cruising along with a Milkbone. The met under the table and traded cookies. Awesome.