Weird Pet Habits

What kind of unusual behaviors have you had from your pets?

Doogy (as in Howser, MD), Domestic Shorthair: he was so crazy for dried anchovies, I trained him to sit, lie down, shake hands, and fetch. He could fit a ping pong ball in his mouth.

Roachie (Doogie’s brother): trained him to eat cockroaches, which I sorely regretted later when he developed roach-breath.

Rocky (Looked like Morris the Cat from the commericials): an outdoor cat, he would climb up on the roof and cry at the window to get snacks. I got a little watergun and shot him to keep him away. One day, I shot him in the anus, and he liked it so much he would spin around when he saw it.

Max (Pit bull/Lab mix): Stomped on cockroaches with his front paws.

Our current dog would probably take a book to write down all the idiosyncrasies, but one that she loves to do is to lick ears. That’s the only place she will lick a human. We suspect it’s a form of revenge for cleaning her ears all the time:


I don’t have a picture of it but Annabel sits in the corner of the kitchen, facing into the corner like a kid taking a time out.

I just put up my Christmas tree, and had a strange episode with each of my cats. One, “Vienna,” is a 3-year-old spayed tabby (she was already spayed when I got her, at 5 months), and as I was trimming the tree she kept stealing one of the ornaments. It’s a little 4-inch teddy bear, and I’m assuming it’s not filled with catnip. I finally gave up and snipped off the loop from its head and gave it to her. It’s now her favorite toy, and she carries it in her mouth, from room to room. Right now she’s sleeping with it. I think she thinks it’s her kitten. Would a spayed female cat have maternal instincts?

I had all the fragile ornaments wrapped in tissue paper, and as I unwrapped each, I put the used tissue paper in a box. My other cat, “Paris,” a solid black 8-year-old male, went into the box and pulled out a piece of paper, put it on the floor and sat on it. A while later, after I had cleaned up, he went back into the box, pulled out the same piece of paper, and sat on it. This has heppend three times now, even after I hid that piece further down in the box.

My calico Molly will headbutt the trash can in my bedroom around the floor until I wake up if her bowl is empty during the night.

My dog wants the hat off your head. Baseball cap, knit cap, do-rag, doesn’t matter. She must figure out how to climb up to your head and get your hat.

Luckilly she doesn’t just jump up on strangers’ shoulders and take hats. But if you’re in her house or her grammy’s house and you’re anywhere near the couch, chair or floor she will try to take your hat. Babies are not immune to this game.

She’s not going to eat your hat, either. Just hold on to it.

My cat will steal socks and present them to me as gifts. I always know when she is on her way with one because she does this weird purr-meow as she carries the sock around to find me. Many times I will wake up to find several socks that she has stolen from all over the house in a little pile for me. She also does this with a miniature sock monkey (like this) which she often carries around. She is so sweet and thoughtful for bringing me these wonderful prizes and I thank her profusely each time. I think she thinks she is hunting for me and “providing” for the family!

Our cat will never quite finish her dinner, no matter what quantity is given to her. She always leaves a couple of mouthfuls in her dish. She will then retire to her bed, sleep for an hour, and then come back and finish off the food.

My Lisa (on the left) is in love with my dirty-socked feet. After work, no matter where I am or what I’m doing, she will hover at my feet. If I am settled down and not moving, she will almost make love to my feet, rubbing and nuzzling and bunny-kicking them. Once or twice, she got violent enough in her affections that I had to kick her away in surprised pain. With clean socks or bare feet, dirty or clean, nothing.


Wyatt (RIP little puddin’ cat) used to have a favorite trick with a kitchen magnet. It was shaped like a payphone and when you pressed the handset it would ring. When he heard it ring, he would pick up the handset with his teeth. He also liked to play fetch with toy mice.

Wally (cat) loved to bring earthworms into the house. He also drools when he is getting really good scritches. He has a new home now, so am not sure if he is able to get outside where the earthworms are, but the drooling still happens.

Skippy (dog) will hate you forever if you stomp at him. He’s a min pin and it takes him a while to get used to new people. But a few have stomped at him when he comes a-runnin’ and barking, and those people he remembers and hates forever.

One time when we still had cats, our dog Samson decided he had to hump Wally (cat). This was really weird cause the cat stood there and let this happen :eek: until I broke it up, and then the cat followed the dog around for the rest of the day. What was up with that? All participants were neutered and former boys.

Our bulldog Sydney has to have her folds wiped out and her ears cleaned every day, which she hates. As a result, we think because she doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through it, she regularly licks out our mastiff’s ears and will also try to do it to people if they’re lying on the floor so she can reach them.

My dog prefers privacy when she is doing her business. When I let her out she will go around behind the bushes to relieve herself. This isn’t always practical for her, so if she can’t get out of my sight she will do her business but constantly watch me with an anxious expression.

She has been taught that she must lay down before I give her her food. But if she thinks I am not paying attention (like when I am on the phone) she will try to get away with a token crouch.

When it snows she will bury her face in the snow and take a deep sniff. Then she will sneeze. And repeat.

You can find her pic in thisthread.

Joey feels a deeply intense need to free all liquids from their containers. If you leave a cup of water on the table he will jump up and tip it over. Don’t leave a bowl of soup or a can of coke out either because that liquid is also wrongfully imprisoned and must be freed.

Oliver masturbates furiously to assert dominance. Every single time a new person comes to the house he grabs his blankie (I call it his fucking blanket because he only uses it for self pleasuring purposes) in his teeth and walks in circles to wrap it as tight as possible and then mounts it. For the better part of an hour. And moans. It is disturbing but adorable and most people who see it laugh and take pictures.

My dog refuses to pick things up out of a pile. I put his toys in a basket and he’ll sit there staring and whining until I go over and pick up and hand to him the toy he wants. Which I have to figure out via trial and error.

My Luna carries toys around in her mouth (making a strange, loud meowing sound we refer to as “crowing” when she does), and brings them into our bed. I wonder if she thinks of them as her babies, as prey, or as some unholy combination of the two.

One of my cats does a happy dance. Whenever I come home, he greets me at the door, then he rolls around on his back, looking at me. He does the same thing when I come down to feed them in the morning.

My dog (4 year old golden retriever, female,) likes to hump. We’re not really sure why she’s humping whatever she’s humping, because there’s no genital contact, and she seems to only be going through the motions. Her favorite thing to hump is a blanket on a freshly made bed. She’ll gather it up into a ball, and then hump away. Another of her favorites is a teddy bear I won at a fair (about 1/4 her size.)

One day, I thought I would give her a treat. I had a bunch of prize tickets saved up from Dave and Buster’s, and they had a giant stuffed lion. I thought that would be the perfect humping partner for her, and it was even bigger than she was.

Alas, the lion lays on our couch, the humans use it as a cushion for reclining, and she’s off with her bear, trying to shove it through her legs like a center in football.

Also, she loves to hold the bear in her mouth at bedtime, breathing through it like a filter.

For some reason, I always think of prison “bottoms” when I see that bear.

God, this thread makes me happy I don’t have a dog. ^^

Cats can be pretty evil too. Doogy was one ornery sonofabitch. When I was on the computer, he’d lie next to the keyboard, staring at me. Suddenly, he would bat my hand or the keyboard. When I told him to go away, he would screech at me. He and I had some mean fights back in the day. I would tap his head, he would bite and claw, I would “tap” harder, he would start with the fangs, etc.

I should also add Doogy thought he was a dog. He would bark instead of meow, and bark at strangers too. He would also wag his tail when he was happy, and pee like a dog.

Well, I’ve been there as well. The closest I’ve been to having a pet was cat-sitting. The little guy looked like a huge rat (a Cornish Rex), and would spend most of the day hiding as far into my closet as he could scramble, and all night sitting on my chest purring to the point of hyperventilation and kneading my face until my alarm clock rang. I’d rather have an ornery cat with self respect than a lovesick little furball like that ^^

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Also, she loves to hold the bear in her mouth at bedtime, breathing through it like a filter.


My dog has stuffed puppy he does that with. It’s his baby. He always gets it right after he eats, grabs it in his mouth, rolls over on his back and tries to disembowl it with his hind legs. Then he’ll fall asleep with it in his mouth. Pets is weird…