Obligatory sister thread - what does your dog do that you think is special

Rock closes doors and drawers on command - also not on command. Like when I open the silverware drawer to get a fork he’ll close it without me telling him to. Usually though my hand is still in the drawer.

Oh, and he wakes me up in the middle of the night to kick the cat out of his bed. Funny thing is this dog is 10X bigger than the kitty - what a wuss. (but a cute wuss)

Um…I don’t have a dog now, is that OK? But when I did, my Samoyed puppy used to do something that won me over every time…

When he came to us at 8 weeks he didn’t hold both ears up in the perky way. After a month or so…he learned how to put just one up! So he’d be running around with one ear straight up, looking *so darn cute * I couldn’t resist him anything.

No wonder he was so darn spoiled.

Kills cats.

My dad’s male dog gets mounted by other male dogs…

Everything my baby does is special! When I come home from work, she gives me double spins before she settles in for a bout of cuddle-time. When I don’t get home until late because I also had night class, I get at least triple spins, if not quadruple spins! Yay!

Also, we have had a tradition ever since she was a tiny puppy that involves my singing a good morning song to her every morning. If I take too long in the bathroom before I go sing to her, she goes and sits outside the bathroom door until I open the door. Then she rushes back to the bedroom, jumps on the bed, and expectantly awaits her song. She gets it, too.

One morning I was pissed at my husband for being able to sleep in when I woke up early and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I told Molly to go wake up her Papa. She looked at me, as if she wanted to be sure she understood it correctly. I said it again, and she tore down the hall, jumped onto the bed and leapt onto his stomach! Well done, I say.

When I share my popcorn with her, she takes each piece daintily from my fingers and eats it before coming back for another piece.

Whenever anyone in the house says the word “walk,” she goes bananas. She stretches, sticks her rump up in the air in her “we’re going to play” pose, and then grabs her leash and plays with it until it gets attached to her collar and the front door is opened. Once my husband got her leashed, and then had to go to the bathroom. She played and pranced while he did his business. He was taking a little long, and she finally gave up on him. She threw herself onto the floor and did an adorable whuffle sigh worthy of the most angst-ridden teenager you’ve ever heard.

And I can’t take her with me if I’m going to drop my husband off somewhere. A month ago he had taken his work van in for maintenance. When it was ready, we left to take him to pick up his van. Molly wanted to come for a ride, so we took her with us. But when Joe got out of the car and we drove off without him, she got really upset and cried all the way home.

Bored yet? I could keep going, but it’s time for me to go home. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me babble about my baby.

He understands and reacts to everything I say. He has a larger vocabulary (words he understands), than some humans I know.

He “rescues” baby rabbits from their nests, and brings them to the house and hovers over them like a mama hen, until we can distract him and sneak the bunnies back to the nest.

Ahh, this is too easy. Mojo TALKS. He’s a big 100+ lb. black lab (a little fat; ain’t they all?) He vocolizes like you ain’t never seen! I can’t put it into words, sorry, but he clearly voices his pleasure or DIS-pleasure at any numbr of occasions. He grumbles, growls, vocalizes, coughs, burps, and otherwise imitates his human counterparts with surprising ease. I have to laugh! No other canine has ever had the capacity to belch at THE most appropriate time as Mojo. (i.e.) Company over, pompous ass of a distant relative is blowing gas; end of his soliliqy: Mo belches!
you can’t pay for that kind of moment!