My cat's lump was benign

So apparently in cats (sorry, I don’t have photos uploaded, but she is a five month old tuxedo kitten with very traditional markings - you can find cats that look just like her all over the internet) there is something called vaccine related sarcoma. Well, the good news is that the kitten’s lump was benign - we just probably want to give her nasal vaccines from now on, reduce the number of vaccines as much as we can (she is an only cat, and an indoor cat - low risk for most of what we vaccinate against).

Its been three weeks of holding our breath since the lump was found, scared I was going to have to tell the kids that the kitten was dying (these things are apparently really nasty). But although she has a nice three inch scar to heal up, she is doing great.

(She is one of those really sweet, cuddly cats that has a soft meow, doesn’t play aggressively, understands the word “no” - although we think she thinks it means ‘not while we are looking or you’ll get it with the squirt bottle,’ doesn’t demand to be fed at 5am, gets along with the dog (who wonders why we didn’t get him a pet before this- he thinks she is great) and even sometimes comes when called - as cat personalities go (I’m a dog person) she’s a winner.)

That’s great news, Dangerosa. (I think your understanding of what she thinks “no” means is right on the money.)

Glad it turned out well!

YAAAAAAY! \o/ \o/ \o/ dances

I was utterly happy when my Aeron’s lump was benign, though it was not related to vaccine. :D:D:D
edit: What is kitty’s name?

Penguin. We call her Penny.

BTW, I’m a huge vaccine fan for my kids. I just stopped being a huge vaccine fan for cats. If you have solo indoor cats, think twice about vaccines - this might hit as many as 1 in 1000 vaccinations (or as few as 1 in 10,000). Since my cat had gotten 10 vaccinations already (rabies, feline luekemia, distemper, boosters for the above, etc.,) it gets pretty risky.

It’s a cat. Nothing about it is benign. Everything is about it is planning your demise.

Seriously, where are the pictures? You know the rules!

Glad to hear kitty’s on the mend. But don’t underestimate kids, they can handle death, if you let them.

Oh yeah, they can handle it. But it isn’t pleasant for anyone to watch a loved pet die of cancer - and something I’m happy to avoid for my kids - and myself. I have a grown up’s understand that “its a cat” - they don’t.

Gratz and Hugz =D

i’ve had cats have quite a few shots and this year lager the loveydovey got a lump 2 weeks after his rabies vaccine. first time this happened, surprized me, i had no clue what he had done.

the lump was about .5x.5 inches, it has gotten smaller and is now barely noticeable.

i’m glad your little gal is doing well.

That’s great news.

Our dog recently had a partial mastectomy because we found lumps in her breasts. Luckily, they too turned out to be benign, though it is quite common for her breed to get cancer. Afterwards she had a huge scar with a drainage tube on her stomach, but handled it well and was quickly up and about.