My cat's lumpy.

A few weeks ago, I noticed Dewey had a little bump on his side, but he wouldn’t really let me get a look at it and I assumed he got it wrestling with the other cats. They often scrape each other up a little, exchange little toothy marks, that sort of thing.

He snuggled up to me now, and I felt it again - it’s about the size of a pea, under the skin but moving with the skin. Doesn’t seem to be tender or bothering him in any way. His fur is thick but it doesn’t look like there’s anything different about the area externally. It’s on his side a few inches to the rear of his armpit.

Obviously I won’t take him in until Monday, since it’s been there a couple weeks and hasn’t grown a second head and tail yet. Is it nothing, though, or something?

My cat has a bump on his neck, exactly as you described but more BB sized than pea sized. I’ve been watching it and wondering if I should take him in.

Really, all the answer anyone can give without examining the cat is that it might be cancer, and it might not be.

Sounds like a cyst. My oldest dog has quite a few now.

A round, firm lump that moves with the skin is very unlikely to be cancer.

Yep, probably a cyst. But do get it checked out, just in case.

Well, now I can’t find it. :slight_smile: I’ll continue to look. I think the cat thinks I’m crazy. Last night when I was trying to show it to my boyfriend he kept flipping over, like “Look, moron, the belly is this way. Rub.”

Well pets get things like people do when they get old. Imagine my surprise when I brought my 15 year old collie/shepard mix into the vet, cause he had patches of hair missig on his tail and head.

I thought he had the mange.

The vet said “He’s fine, he’s just really old. Old dogs, like old people lose their hair.”

Don’t forget to take a picture of the cat as the vet examine’s him and post it here. I love the look of cats when the vets fool with them. The cat always looks like it’s dignity has been violated :smiley:

He’s not old - he’s, um, maybe 5 or 6?

Yeah, he always has a shocked look on his face when he gets felt up by a professional. :slight_smile:

has he had a rabies vac. lately? my lager the loveydovey had a lumpy reaction to one. the lump appeared 2 weeks after the vac.

the vet measured it and we are keeping tabs on it.

My 5 year old cat had this type of “pimple”. I didn’t think much of it but at my annual visit my vet advised me to have it removed. He biopsied it and it turned out to be pre-cancerous, so definitely bring him in to your vet.

When my dog got lumpy I asked about it on the Dope. Both the Dopers and the vet said “may be cancerous, may not be.” One of the Dope vets suggested I ask the vet to do a…erm, I forget. An aspiration? Some sort of test where they take a sample with a fine needle. If the sample is clear, the vet says “all good, leave it be.” If it’s not clear, the vet moves forward from there.

So far all of the lumps I’ve had aspirated have come back 100% clear, so I leave them be.

I’ll call the vet tomorrow or Tuesday, assuming I can find the damned lump. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.

In case anybody’s curious, I took him to the vet today (was going to do it Tuesday but I couldn’t find the lump then) and the vet said we should just watch and have it removed and tested if it gets bigger. To make that easier, she shaved a patch of fur so we can find it and keep an eye on it. He was very offended.

i was wondering.

when i took my guy in they also offered to have the area shaved. i decided against, but it is in an easily found location.

My cat has has one for years on his neck/shoulder area.

The vet said it might be a vaccination scar, or that at some point someone may have shot him with a pellet.

I doubt it’s the latter, as it’s never been a wound at any point.