My cat's potty issues

I have one cat He’s always been my only fur child. I ended getting him at about a couple weeks old he was given to me with leather gloves I just grabbed him picked him up let him bite me until he stopped. Within 3 days he was sleeping under the covers with me he always had to have is paw in my hand. He ended up with a really bad eye infection and I nursed him back to health to this day he lives when I pet his eyes. He only drools when I pet him. I can do anything to him clip his nails brush him pick him up touch his belly anything but nobody else can. I always praised him for how good he was at using the potty. About almost 3 years ago I started dating the man that’s now my husband. Oh I forgot to mention he follows me everywhere he’s always by my side. When my husband started staying with me he would even come in the bedroom and that was his comfort zone. It took about 2 months. I can’t get any other cats he’s too possessive over me. Last year my husband and I moved into a bigger nicer house. We only sit in our bedroom so my cat pretty much owns the living room and dining room. He has a 60 dollar corner litterbox when I started working a lot he started pooping everywhere like shooting it on the walls the floor everywhere. So I have plastic on the walls under it and the box is now wrapped in plastic he has such a big box but scutches all the way to the edge and gets it all over the box. If I have rugs he pees on them so I’ve accepted I can’t have rugs. Since he turned 9 he’s peeing on all my husband’s things pooping on his side of the bed when we kiss my cat gets pissed. Now he pooping all over my house it’s a full time job following behind him. Him and my husband gained a good relationship it would of been the make or break it. He can change his poop to diarrhea then back to solid I’ve never seen any animal do that. Lately all he’s been wanting to to be near me as soon as my husband comes home he starts pooping near him on his side of the bed by his feet he won’t even come to his call anymore they used to sleep together he’s always at my heels when I get up. He’s been to the vet he has nothing wrong with him. He also uses the litterbox I scoop it ex a day change the litter once a week. He pretty much gets whatever he wants he’s my son. I know he loves me. But I can’t handle the going potty around my house everything is brand new in here my house smells like cat potty it never used to you wouldn’t of known I had a cat. He pretty much owns the whole house he gets the best food. He doesn’t go outside. I treat him fantastic. I don’t understand why he’s acting like this tonight he poooed 3x I’m my room waking me up all by my husband. He is trying to tell my husband that I’m his that he owns me or something it to the point I can’t have him ruin my house he’s never been anywhere with a door closed between us I even potty with the door open I’m the only on that feeds him. I can’t give him away he’s my child for life no one will treat him like I do and he loves me… I don’t really know what ask but does anyone out there have suggestions or advice. He’s only 9 he could live another 15 years I can’t deal with it I’m starting school and two jobs I can’t come home every night to my house smelling and poop everywhere I have severe OCD I’ll end up having a real bad panic attack. Can anyone help with some ideas I live with every inch of my body I’ve been crying for hours because I don’t know what to do and I’ll die if I have to give him away. Thank you for reading feel free to email me also

Let the cat type the next post – maybe he knows about paragraphs, punctuation, etc.

I love him with every inch of my body heart soul***
I scoop his litter 3x a day***

I not concerned about that right now I need help figuring out what to do with him it almost 5am. If you don’t have advice or suggestions I don’t need stupid input. This is a blog who cares if I punctuated made paragraphs or anything like that. No need for stupidness I wrote on here to get advice on my cat not comments about not using a period.

This is not your blog. It is a public forum for a newspaper column dedicated to fighting ignorance. Though you’ll find most people here are happy to help you with your problems, it helps immensely if you write them in a way which is easy to read. This usually means segmenting your text into sentences and paragraphs via line breaks and standard punctuation.

The behaviour is called “middening”. If you Google, you’ll find other people dealing with similar behaviour.

Interestingly, one related an anecdote about a cat that started middening in reaction to her husband having an affair, in an apparent attempt to remove the other woman’s scent that was being carried in on the straying hubby’s person and clothes. Is there any chance your husband is having an affair?

And finally, the internet is full of forums where you can post any old way you like without criticism. For those of us who are regulars here, one of the things that we value about this place is that proper grammar and punctuation is encouraged (or, more accurately, poorly structured posts are discouraged). You are free to post as you choose, but it would be respectful to the people you’ve come to for advice to adapt to the culture of the board; it’s not like there’s a shortage of other places you could turn if you find this too restrictive.

Since the OP is looking for opinions, let’s move this to IMHO from General Questions.

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Has the cat been neutered?


Easy now!
Let’s not use the Jump to Conclusions mat for giving cat poop advice.

Oh, I don’t think her husband is having an affair. After all, she says quite clearly

So he hardly has a chance.


Neither have I; actually, I don’t believe that your cat (or any animal) has the ability to change its’ Bristol scale rating at will. This suggests to me that your cat may have some kind of bowel problem. Have you been changing his food lately?
Also, cats can be quite unwilling to go to an already used litterbox, be it $ 60 or a lot cheaper. If you or your spouse aren’t around to empty the box regularly, it’s probably better to have two or more boxes in different places.

Welcome to the Straight Dope, and I hope things improve with your cat.

People who would like to see if they can help you but are unwilling to plow through a formidable wall of text.

Understood. No one wants to criticize your posting style just for the sake of picking on you.

Please understand that you’re here asking for a favor, but making it harder than it has to be for the folks here to do you that favor. The reality is that many people who might be able to help you out with their knowledge aren’t going to be bothered to read that mess of a post if you can’t be bothered to make it more readable. It’s to your advantage to post in a way that encourages people to get involved, rather than in a way that makes it look like more trouble than it’s worth.

No one here is going to lose out if they don’t read your post. You’re the one who might lose out if they don’t read it and share their advice. We’re not trying to berate you, we’re asking you to please make it easier for us to help you.

Considering that I doubt death is an option for you, looks like your stuck with your pooping cat. Get used to it.

I have had cats with little box issues. I feel for you.

First of all, take your cat back to the vet. If he can’t help the cat, take him to another vet. Your cat is having frequent diarrhea, that’s a health problem. It needs to be figured out.

Your cat may also find it painful to poop or pee. When a cat has pain using the litter box, they avoid it because they associate it with pain. This is very common behavior.

A cat will try using the bathroom in different places, trying to find a place where it doesn’t hurt when they pee or poop.

I had a sweet little cat once who had frequent urinary tract infections. Normally he would use the box. When he had an infection, he would pee on the bed. The bed was soft, so I think he thought that would help with the pain.

So step 1 is fixing the diarrhea, and finding out if he has a urinary tract infection. Once that is taken care of, see if he goes back to using the box normally. If he doesn’t, come back here for more advice. (Or search the web, there’s lots of great advice out there.)

Some things that help when a healthy cat rejects the litter box - have multiple boxes, change types of litter, put the box in a new spot. Some cats want a covered box, or a box in a secluded spot. Some cats want an open box with lots of space around it.

Now, take a deep breath and don’t worry. You’ll get this fixed, and you will still have your wonderful cat. Also, is your husband putting up with all this? Because that sounds like a pretty great husband.

If nothing is physically wrong with you cat, maybe he is having anxiety issues. My sister’s cat was pooping all over the house, and Prozac was the cure. Now, it isn’t easy for my sister to get her cat to take the medicine every day, but it is definitely worth it.

My daughter’s cat had diarrhea when there was a house full of guests over the holidays. She decided it was due to stress.

OP, maybe I missed this in your wall o’ text, but when was the last time you took Kitty to the vet? This could be a physical thing. He needs to go back (or go in the first place) for a full workup. He needs to be checked for inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, parasites, and other things I can’t think of now. (I’ve had two cats now with IBD, and their poop was soft-serve at best, and they couldn’t always make it to the box.) Your vet will probably tell you to keep him on one food and one food only, even if it means expensive prescription food from the vet. No people food!

It could also be stress or anxiety. Have you tried Feliway? The diffusers work better than the spray, IMO. They’re expensive but worth every penny.

Good luck to you and Kitty.

Obligatory reference: How to give a pill to a cat.

Have your husband share in the feeding duties.

Someone mentioned Prozac, I used it on a cat and had
it formulated as a paste to be applied to the ear. Piece of cake
to administer, and it worked for my
feline elimination issue.

Good luck.

Why suppose that the husband (who has known and lived with the cat for three years) should be less inclined to “put up with it” than the OP?

I once had a girlfriend who owned two cats, one of which was much suppressed by the other. He used to pee in the apartment; he always strayed into all sorts of mishaps and adventures, but came out of them allright, even if his skin was torn. He was always my favorite.

When we separated, my (then)girlfriend gave that cat to me. It was back in 2002, and I still keep him. He’s 18 by now, but still healthy and beautiful. Other girlfriends have come and gone, but he stays with me.

Yeah, that was a pretty great girlfriend…