My Champions Character - ZZ! (ideas thread)

I’ve been building a Champions! character for play: Zachary Zann (taking off the traditional Marvel naming scheme). Superhero setting, of course, fitting into an experienced party. Not the first time I’ve played.

So far I had a hard time comng up with ideas and new stuff. Still, I’ve pushed through and gotten some fun stuff in. I do have an odd background though. The character is an annoying groupie (and recognized as such). He is a little over a year old, which is why he’s dirt poor, has no identifiable legal identity, and sadly no parents. He doesn’t exactly realize this. He doesn’t have any specific memories of anything before his “birth” but just vaguely assumes he had a past. He was actually the child of Eris, Strife Incarnate, to cause trouble and be her personal TV guide to the world of superheroes and villains. he, however, is a vaguely good guy albeit with a superficial understanding of morality.

I may stick in a DNPC as his little sister, who is more troublesome.

Here’s what I got:

(numbers after slash are final after equipment/powers)
Str 12/18
Dex 12/14
Con 13/16
Body 16/25
Int 13/19
Ego 12/20
Pre 20/26
Con 14/26

Pd 8/29
rPd 18
Ed 8/25
rED 14
Spd 2.2
Rec 7
End 26
Stun 38

OCV and DCV are 5/7 (base 5 w/ 2 Overall levels)

We’ve got an Elemental Control (Encouragement) with several active powers. These are all incantation with 1/2 DCV. Heroic Inspiration is a selective target Aid to attributes which adds 30 character points’ worth to every attribute of every chosen target within 16 meters, except myself. This is the way! (FF tactics reference) can add +4 Overall levels to a given target with some start-up time. It costs no End to use but I have to make a skill check. I usually leave it on my character. Finally, That won’t stop us! Suppresses NND effects within 48 meters (though they can still hit my character). It won’t actually stop the rest of the power but it turns off the NND if I can suppress it.

Next up is the nice little setup for being the son of a Greek deity. Another Elemnental Contro, Eris’s Child has some 10 Power Defense, a 10/10 forcefield, +6 Body and +5 Ego, a 5d6 Mind Control NND to hit somebody in particular, and an Uncontrollable 5d6 Mind Control Eris put in specially to make people with grudges start fights over them (maybe this this is a disdvantage?). It also comes with a 96 points END reserve plus an Absorbption to restore it. I absorb any magic.

I was thinking of rounding the character out with some more enhancements and a Curse multipower. The enhancements might feature a beefy Aid to Speed which I can use at the start of fights, and maybe a temporary forcefield I can slap on others? The Curses might include a Dispel Magic and a Speed Drain. Or maybe a Running Drain. Come to think of it, perhaps a Power Pool (Drains/Dispels/Suppress) would be best? That would net me a substantial discount from my GM.

I did think of getting some kind of offensive power. I mean, it seemed like a good idea to have some way to hur the enemy if necesary. Partly we’ve got a number of offensive characters. Including one player who so far has run either 2 or 3 at once, a martial artist and a blaster. Plus there’s a Brick in the house already.

I forgot to list it but he does have a few other bits of cheese which enhance his attributes plus a decent “normal equipment” selection. He still has 85 points to go.

And… here is a download link to get a copy of the character sheet.