My Christmas present: unemployment finally comes through

Dopers might recall the saga of my failed employment as a security guard ( When it became apparent that I would not be employed again in the foreseeable future, I applied for unemployment. I used up the last few weeks of my old unemployment account which terminated in late November, and then had to reapply. I submitted my application and then after a week or so was told that it was pending due to my former employer (the security guard place) claiming that I was fired for malfeasance :confused:. After some delay I received notification that I was indeed eligible for unemployment, as the circumstances I reported did not appear to constitute willful misconduct. But payment was put on hold as my former employer APPEALED THE DECISION. :mad:. So finally Wednesday the 24th an appeals judge called me and m.f.e. on conference call to hear both sides of the story. M.f.e claimed that I had screwed up badly enough that our client asked that I not return. I said that no one had said anything to me at the time. When the appeals judge asked m.f.e. point blank when he had ever given me any warning or correction, he had to hem and haw and say that the complaints took him by surprise.

Long story short, before the day was out our bank account reflected the deposit of the held up unemployment checks. My wife, who had been frantic about our financial situation was greatly relieved, and I felt at least somewhat vindicated.

Grats, Lumpy!!!

What a great present that is for you and your wife!!!

Good ol’ Og, huh? :slight_smile:

Him and Santa work in “mysterious ways” sometimes!

Your post brought a big ol’ grin to my face, Buddy!

You’re the kind of people who deserve to win the lottery!

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hooray! Glad things are looking up.

It’s about time. I wish the companies that pull this were fined and the money sent to the former employees.