My college is run by idiots (weak rant)

After years of my girlfriend bugging me to go back to school I decided to sign up at the local community college this fall. I had to go up Wednesday to pick my classes.
All first year students had to wait in line for an hour to get directed to an adviser in their chosen major. This person had a list off classes and times that was printed up that morning to show what classes are open. My guy was nice and helped me choose classes that were at sane times and locations. All seemed well as he shook my hand and directed me up stairs to get it all entered into the system queue Cloud O’ Doom.
I end up in yet another line and wait another hour to hand the slip the adviser filled out to a women seated at a computer. She started typing for a second then told me that none of the classes where open and I had to go down the hall to speak to another adviser.
This time there was no line but a class room filled with students and five laptops at the front of the room. There was one person actually at the laptops. While waiting 2 hours for my turn with the adviser a second one walked in, sat down and called the next person. The adviser that was there got up and left. a few minutes later a third adviser walked in and the second left. This musical chairs went on for the full two hours.
I finally get my turn and dispite all this I’m still trying to be friendly to the adviser I got. I smile, sit down, and say hello. She shoots me a dirty look, growls for my slip. and starts typing. After a few minutes she starts rattling off class names and times that she wants me to take. Two of them needed prerequisties that I hadn’t taken and two others were the same time slot. I pointed this out, got another growl and finally got something more sane. She pointed me out of the room to a person with a printer who printed out my classes and sent me down stairs to another line.
I waited in this line for only 45 minutes or so only to find out that because my grants are paying for it all I could have left after the last adviser and they should have told me that.
Not counting the times I was directed to the wrong lines twice I ended up spending almost 5 hours for this. What really gets me with all the computer labs and library they could have had the first set of advisers at computers with up to date class lists saving everyones time.

Wow… mine seems pretty sane so far. The line up for lockers was pretty clear (though they were seperated into buildings which wasn’t as clear, but the LOCKER lines were clear), the laptop lines were a little mucked but I went BEFORE everyone else (ie the day before orientation) so I was quickly helped, I won’t get my schedule till Monday because they schedule for you by which program you are in, but it’s done by assuming you know nothing. If you have taken a class before you have to talk to them (but I haven’t so no worries).

All in all things took less time than I expected with a lot less muck.

Maybe you should come here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well, hope the year gets better from here on out.

Once upon a time I was on staff at a fair-sized state university. Most of the students felt the same way about their university you feel about the university you’re describing.
At my old employer, most students didn’t know this, but if you went into the chancellor’s office and articulated your complaints, suggestions for improvements, and the names of the people who provided you with poor customer service, fur would fly. And occasionally problems would get fixed.
If I were you, I would go to the executive offices of the institution you described and let them know that you feel they’re just not providing what they could be providing to you. Your suggestions wouldn’t cost any money. And poor customer service by individual employees is NEVER OK. Let 'em know the “Advisor” was acting like a bad DMV employee in an SNL skit!

Jonathan Woodall, that’s a very good idea. Unfortunely while I was going through the hell I didn’t think to get names. The very friendly gentleman that I talked to first gave me his name but he wasn’t the problem. The grumpy, useless ones didn’t volenteer them. I still may go to the office and meantion the bad service and lack of planning (in a nice way of course).