My company took me to Chez Panisse (bragging)

Yesterday was my last day at work before I go to Cameroon with the Peace Corps. They wanted to do a send-off lunch, and someone recommended Chez Panisse (the cafe, it being lunch and all). I got lamb and it was amazing- probably one of the most savory things I’ve ever eaten. We also had wine and desserts and coffee. It was wonderful- more than I could have ever imagined for the send-off of a secretary. I’m really going to miss those guys.

Several years ago, my boss at the company was working for asked three of us to work over the weekend.
He took us to MacDonald’s

We had to pay for our own meals. (True!)

mmm, Chez Panisse lamb! I can’t think of a better Bay Area gastronomic experience to stay in your memory until you return to these parts. You should be getting plenty of lamb in Cameroon, too, so it’s good that you like it (BTW, I’ve never understood the disdain that so many Americans hold for that most flavorful of meats).

Sounds like your transition to the world of the carnivore (well, omnivore to be precise) is going smoothly. Congratulations!

I’m hoping for your sake that Justin Timberlake is out of town while you’re there. Have fun but don’t ask her for an autograph. Apparently that sens her into a rage.

Oh, and cool about the meal.

The meal I ate at the Chez Panisse Cafe was one of the best in my life (and it was all paid for by my awesome roommate).

Someday when I have money and am visiting Berkeley I’ll eat there again.

Nice meal, it sounds, and glad you enjoyed the meat.

Good luck in Cameroon, too. It should be an awesome and life-changing experience. It’s a shame they’re not in the World Cup this time around - who will they get behind, do you think? Report back and let us know.

Will you do me a favour while you’re there, just to satisfy some sort of OCD thing from my childhood:

While you’re in Cameroon, try to eat a macaroon.

What an awesome and kind gesture for them to do for you!

Good luck in Cameroon and post from there when you can!