My company's asinine corporate credit card policy

So I’m about to take my first business trip in several years, so I dust off my company-assigned corporate credit card that they send to every employee.

I call to make sure that I had activated it; I had, but it had been deactivated duue to inactivity. OK, that makes a little sense, I suppose the account costs the company a little just being open.

So, I send an email to the person in charge of the credit cards so she can get it activated. She goes ahead and gets the wheels in motion, thanks a bunch.

Then she sends me an email with the following policies that the company has regarding the credit cards:

  1. The employee is ultimately responsible for all charges. No problem, the company reimburses the employee for all business-related charges, directly into the account. If you make a personal charge with the card, then you pay for it. Sounds fair.

  2. The employee is not to use the card for personal reasons. Well, that’s a little stupid, but I have my own cards for personal stuff, no big deal. But if I’m ultimately responsible for the charges, why not let me use it for whatever I want?

  3. The company requests that you use the card occasionally to prevent it from being deactivated. WTF? If I can’t use the fucking thing for personal charges, then what the skull-humping crusty cunt am I supposed to do with it to keep it active? Buy a pen every month, and fill out a reimbursement form for the 29 cents? Suck my ass-crack, you taint lickers. Try actually READING your policies for a change, and see if they make less sense than Ozzy Osbourne reciting William S. Burroughs after chugging a quart of LSD.

You say that like it’s a bad thing…

At least you get a company credit card. The last few companies I’ve worked for wouldn’t give out company credit cards. If you went away on company business, you were expected to use your OWN credit card and get reimbursed. It always pissed me off because they rarely paid in time for me to pay off the #!@# credit card bill before accruing interest. And that’s if I happened to have a card with no balance - as we all know, if you carry a balance, all charges start accruing interest the day they post.

I’ve often wondered what the company would do if you just said “Sorry, I don’t have any credit cards.” It’s not like you can just pay cash for stuff - #1, who has enough cash lying around to pay for a week of business travel, and #2, you can’t usually guarantee hotel reservations or rent a car without a credit card.

On the other hand, I shouldn’t bitch too much. The last couple times I travelled on business, I managed to get some company-paid vacation days. Once, I stayed in Seattle over the weekend so the company got a discount on airfare, and the other time I drove instead of flying, saving the company money on airfare and a rental car for me. Both times they essentially gave me the difference by paying for extra hotel stays, meals, etc.

I’ve never even heard of a company that issues credit cards to employees.

My company actually FORBIDS you from using a personal card on your business trip, you must use the corporate card. They get cash back from GE Corporate for having thousands of accounts with them, I suppose it adds up nicely. So, the individual employee cannot use a personal card & earn their own “cash back” or frequent flier miles, etc. This policy is fine with me, I don’t pay interest while it takes forever to process my travel voucher.

PS - The military gives a credit card to its members for business trips (AKA TDY to Air Force people). They also have a lot of problems with people using them for personal expenses & not paying them back. I have seen people kicked out for this, after running up thousands of dollars in debt that they cannot afford to repay.

Our firm issued everyone “corporate” cards recently. You may only use them for business expenses, and you pay the bill yourself. You can submit the receipts for reimbursement, and hope you get a check by the time the charge card bill is due (that’s right, charge card, not credit card. No deciding to suck up the finance charges and wait until you get your reimbursement check to pay off the bill).

I just wanted to thank you, Revtim, for spelling ‘asinine’ correctly. You never see that any more.

You never see asinine spelled correctly? You must be kidding - it’s my favorite word. I use it at every opportunity.

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<shrugs and wanders away>

American Express provide corporate cards to a large number of companies. I was given one for my job, since any away job involves flights, hotels and so on. I don’t recall whether there’s any prohibition on private use. In practice they really don’t care since you have to submit a copy of the bill to our expense processing centre as evidence.

In my last job, we had a neat business expense reimbursement system. We got back from a trip, plugged in costs to a spreadsheet that split it up into cost areas, then AMEX charges, and business costs out of pocket, either cash or personal card. You called an 800 number, punched in values with the touchtone phone, and a direct deposit was made for personal charges within three days to my checking account. Cool.

Problem was, they only paid AMEX electronically once a month, on the 10th. Any expenses put in after the first of the month were paid the NEXT month (i.e. LATE). My bidness trips overseas were three to five weeks long, so trouble often ensued. AMEX would call me, I’d say, “We’re on the XXXX System,” and they’d say “Oh, we hate that one, but we understand. No problem.”

I’ve had policies that we could only use company cards for airlines and car rentals, because those were direct billed to the company, but other personal charges were OK. They wanted us to use the corporate cards, but not everyone did. Now I get Membership Miles on my Corp AMEX, plus Airline Miles for the plane tix bought. Not a bad perk.