My computer chair.

No longer will I be subject to the whims of a desk, or an uncomfortable office chair. No sir. Today, I embark upon a new journey towards that ultimate melding of man and machine, in perfect, leather covered comfort.

I present it to you now, in all of its terrible glory.

Today, I am no longer simply a geek. I have transcended, transformed into something greater, something more terrifying to behold.

Is that your Mother’s basement?

Heh, we grownup geeks have our OWN basements to do that to.

Seriously, your mother would have let you build a monitor shelf like that? Lucky!

Did you actually build the wall around that dresser, or did you just take the front off a dresser and glue it to the wall to make it look like you build the wall around your dresser? And if it’s the former, what are you going to do if you need a new dresser? Those things don’t last forever, you know.