My computer has turned mute

Following a conflict of incompatibility between Norton and Antivir, I get no more sound from the loudspeakers. I got rid of Antivir, still have Norton but still no sound. Any idea where the problem is ? Is this a frequent occurence ? (I know I should’ve heeded the incompatibility warnings…)
(Windows XP Home).

I would start with the mute setting and volumes in the sound control panel, then the power and connection to the speakers. Make sure the cable is plugged into the speakers and to the correct one of three or so sound jacks of the computer.

Thoroughly investigate the basic before concluding it is a vast plot by outside interests via software.

I checked, and re-checked, and re… (Wonder who the plotters would be :slight_smile: )
On your advice, I’m going to re-check for the xth time.

Are you sure that the problem is with your computer, and not the speakers themselves (eg, something happened to the speakers or the cord?)

I once panicked for nearly an hour trying to get my speakers on my old desktop to work. Although the jacks are nearly identical, plugging your speakers into the microphone jack will not work.

Have you checked the Device Manager for any yellow ! splats on your audio devices?

This same thing happened to me. See if you have that abysmal…well, I can’t remember the name of it. See what your default audio player is. If it is the one that I can’t remember, it comes in the dell home PC package with XP. Stop!!! it’s Music Match/Maker, something like that. At any rate, check your default. Make sure that the volume levels in it are turned up. Then, try to play it on whatever audio player that you’re trying to work with.
Hope it works,

The same thing happens to me sometimes. I just reinstall the driver for the sound card and that always solves the problem for me.