My computer's volume level keeps dropping to zero!

Hello all,

For some reason the “Wave” volume control on my computer keeps automatically resetting to zero. The sound cuts out after every mp3 file I play, until I click on the icon and readjust it, but it makes it impossible to listen to music normally. I had this problem years ago, and I’m not sure what I did to finally correct it and keep the Wave volume level stable. Any help?

(I’m running Windows ME, if that makes a difference.)

Using Winamp by chance? Some versions of Winamp have a setting that ties the motion of the Winamp volume slider to the Windows volume slider. This is fine except it also sets it to zero when you close winamp. Can’t remember the option name now, but if you poke around in the settings you should find something.

I am using WinAmp. I’m going to bed, but if you can figure something out, I’d be grateful for the assist!