My cousin is coming to Atlanta, so where should I take her?

Well, to show off my ignorance of my current hometown, I need suggestions. She’s doing research for a project, and I am looking for a restaurant and “someplace else” to take her.

Now, I love Oakland Cemetary-I find it exceptionally cool to go wander and look at all the old Victorian statues and such, along with Potter’s field. I have a couple of other ideas-I don’t want anything too touristy.

My biggest problem is a restaurant. She’s 21, so age isn’t an issue. I thought about Maggiano’s, but that’s a bit expensive for me, and probably for a broke college student as well. So any suggestions will be helpful-and, if you know anyplace cool for the “someplace else” then please let me know.

Lsura, you didn’t say when your cousin is coming or how long she’s staying. I highly recommend you take her on the tour of the Fox Theatre. It’s not cheesy, it’s not expensive ($5 adults/$3 students), it’s quintessentially Atlantan, and if you go on April 21 at 10 a.m. or April 28 at 11 a.m., you’ll even get to do it with the best of all the Fox tour guides.

As for restaurants, I recommend the Flying Biscuit if you’re bringing her into the city. Or Mary Mac’s Tea Room. Neither is terribly expensive.

Its been th… well never mind how long its been since I went to college (GSU) in Atlanta, but you’ve gotta eat lunch, so you’ve gotta go to The Varsity. Just across the Interstate (I-75/85 - Downtown Connector?) from Ga. Tech. on North Ave. (why do I remember that?)

[pointless recollection]
While there you could go 2 blocks north to 3rd and look at the dump off-campus dorm I lived in, but they mercifully tore it down when the expanded the Interstate a bunch of years ago. For any oldtimers, it was Eastgate, and was at the east end of a pedestrian tunnel under the expressway, a tunnel that became the “classroom” of Grafitti 101 that took up WAY too much of my time - sort of a pre-internet message board
[/pointless recollection = this is MPSIMS]

I haven’t been to Atlanta for many years, but the underground was always fun, and the Coke place is pretty cool too. For a club, I don’t know if it’s still around, but it was called The Petris. Very happening spot.