My Cousin Is Competing In the Miss Teen Michigan Pageant!

My cousin Jennifer won a city-wide pageant, and will be competing later this month in the Miss Teen Michigan pageant!

Jennifer is brilliant, funny, talented, and frighteningly beautiful (she’s also a junior in high school, guys. I’ll let you know when she’s legal). She and her older brother (who just graduated from Concordia College in Wisconsin–four years on scholarship :)) are the kind of kids that parent’s dreams are made of. Better still, they’re both just genuinely good kids. Good, good kids (if anyone rememers the thread I started a few months ago about my aunt & uncle renewing their marriage vows–these are their kids I’m talking about).

Jennifer’s brother JR is going to be a teacher. The boy is so smart, he could be anything he wanted to be, and he chose teaching. Needless to say, my family is incredibly proud.

I don’t know if Jennifer has a career plan yet. I’m sure she does, though, and I’m sure she’ll accomplish whatever she sets out to do. I don’t know if she’ll win this pageant, but I sure hope she does!

Okay, end of brag. :smiley:


Congratulations, Persephone!

If she has half of your charm, warmth and wit, she will knock them dead!


Aren’t you required by SDMB terms of use to bring all single female cousins to summer Dopefests?

What do mean you want a cite?

AETBOND417: ::cough_twoyears_cough::

Scotti: :smiley: Yeah, she’s got all that. Plus looks to boot. Oh, and she’s the only female that I share genes with that got taller than 5’5". Her mom married in to our family, and although her mom is only 5’2", there’s height on her side of the family. I think Jen’s about 5’7", something like that. She’s got a serious tall, willowy blond thing going on. Terrifies her father. :eek:

mrblue92: You think I’m going to expose my sweet little cousin to this loopy bunch, especially after they’ve been drinking heavily? Her father is my mom’s brother, and he’s my favorite uncle. Not only would he kill me, my mother would cheer him on. I’ll bring pics, though. :smiley: