My current obsession: float pens

Yes, it started with the T-shirt exchange and my swapee of owlstretchingtime sending me not only a t-shirt (that I love) but some trinkets from the UK of which was one of those float pens.

Gah. I love this thing. It is of Buckingham Palace and the Guards float back and forth. My kids are always stealing it and I have to threaten them with death or worse ( a toy time out.) to get it back.

Through the amazing powers of google, I’ve found there are other pipples like me, but have actual collections…like hundreds to my puny two. I feel so inadequate.
I have to thank our now gone Owl for starting me on this path and it leaves me to wonder if anyone else has ever been affected to the point of pure obession because of another dopers remark or gift exchange?

Homeland Security Advisory System Floatie… You know you want it!

That is really cool–but I want the Picasso pen with the floaty eye! Or Anima Sola.

I’m not sure what to think about this one. Or this one. And then there’s Stripping Homer. :eek:

Cool stuff!


I have a Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga floaty pen. I love those things, always have.

My employer handed out float pens with an airplane that moved back and forth. Some noted a bit later that the airplane in the pen was one our rivals airplanes.

Did you know that sometimes one read a thread title, and somehow, someway, in their mind’s eye, a little i appears between the n and the s of a word, and one just says, “WTF!?!”

Before I went to, the phrase “Tom of Finland floaty pen” never crossed my mind. They have 'em. Several of them.

Too bad they don’t have an IT floaty with Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

I… suddenly have a hankerin’ for a Tom of Finland floaty pen.

I have the greatest floaty pen ever. It’s a pink pen with John Waters’s head floating in it. It was a promotional pen given away to video stores a few years ago when Pink Flamingoes was re-released. I’ve never seen another like it.

My “Anne of Green Gables” floaty pen from PEI seems so lame now. Even when I jiggle it back and forth quickly to make her seem drunk on claret.

I’ve got 39 of them, including a key chain floaty. The key chain is actually kinda dumb, but it’s a floaty.

I got my first one when I went to the Florida Keys about '93, and decided to start collecting them. Everyone in my family collects something, usually something nice like ‘Precious Moments’. Now when people ask me what I collect I tell them this, I usually get a strange look. So I pick one up whenever I go somewhere.

I have one of the Beatles at Abbey Road, they’re crossing the street on the zebra crossing. DOn’t have the Buck Palace one, but that would be cool.