My dad's brush with the film industry...

I just found out tonight that Pam Grier was in town (Louisville) several years ago shooting a movie. A scene in this movie required that a car be blown up.

My dad, a professional, career firefighter, was one of the people involved in the extinguishing of said car fire.

Does anyone know of any website/source where I might be able to figure out which movie this was? My dad’s been dead for four years, and so I can’t ask him. However, I’d like to see it, just to see if he made it onto celluloid.

The only one I could find was Sheba, Baby by William Girdler. Maybe? It was a lot of years ago though.

Sure. Contact the Kentucky Film Commission, and tell them that you need the list of location shoots in Louisville during that year. ( Years ). They can provide you with a fairly exhaustive list.

Barring that, ask them for the Film Commission/ Film Unit/Film Liason Office number in Louisville. They will be able to tell you. Also, when you get ahold of the folks in the Louisville office, ask them for the number of the LFD liason who cooridinates this kind of event. There is typically one house or office that will liason with film productions to provide fire safety on a set, if there is not already a Fire Safety Officer or Special FX Coordinator on set.

Best of luck, that sounds pretty cool. And, email me if you find the name of the movie but have trouble finding a copy. If your dad is in it, it’s worth digging around to find it !