My dad's got cancer. Again. :(

Probably not much more to say about it. Except: Fuck. We haven’t been on the best terms the last two-three decades, but he’s my dad, and it’ll take me some time to adjust to the facts. According to the doctors, his heart condition doesn’t allow chemo or an operation, but they’ll give him some radiation to see if it’ll delay the tumor growth. It’s probably just a question of time anyway, although it’ll be interesting to see how long that time’s going to be. He’s almost eighty, but I’ll need some time to get adjusted to the situation.

Fuck. Again. And, yeah, fuck. I’m going to have a drink or three tonight.

Very sorry to hear that. Both my parents have cancer as well, so I know what you’re going through. My Mom is about finished with her first round of chemo and doing really well, but they type of cancer has a large recurrence rate, so I’m trying to prepare myself now for the likely news sometime in the next few years that it’s come back.

Heady stuff. Fuck, indeed.

Fuck. I’m very sorry to hear that.

Sorry to hear that. Do you know what kind of cancer it is? That often affects things like how fast it grows and how likely it is to be sensitive to radiation. I hope that his treatments go well and that you get some quality time with him.

The initial cancer was colorectal. He didn’t get it checked before he’d been going some three-four months with severe constipation. They got that tumor out, and he’s been living decently with a colostomy for some time now. The current metastasis in in one of the lungs. That doesn’t look too good IMO. My MIL’s initial cancer was colorectal, spreading to the liver and the lungs. She lasted about three-quarters of a year after the initial diagnosis. The last couple of months weren’t particularly nice.

Ah, geez. I’m so sorry to hear this.

Fuck :frowning: I’m sorry :frowning:


I am sorry to hear your news. Sending supporting thoughts your way.

“Fuck” is right.
When my Dad was diagnosed, it was a bit of a shock. But it was ‘just’ prostate cancer…one of the mildest ones. Then we found out that his was agressive…and he needed surgery. So he no longer has a prostate.

The day I got the e-mail saying his PSA was elevated again…without a prostate to account for it…well, I left work early and definitely had a beer.

So yeah. Fuck.

Best wishes though…we all get through this together.